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We are in the fourth quarter!

Get ready to turn up the heat!

It is time for CEIC nominations. Forms will be placed in mailboxes Monday. Please return forms to Patricia by Wednesday.

The end of the year checkout list will be placed in your mailbox. There will be a few days at the end of the year that will be used for checkout. Emails will be sent as to specific dates and times. Please be sure to have all items completed before the last work day. When notice is given to release for the day, the building will close. It is important that your checkout is completed and your forms are returned to Ms. LeBlanc. Names will be submitted to payroll for staff members who are not checked out for the school year.

Blue and pink cards will be placed in your mailbox Monday. The cards contain information for your 2016-2017 students.

Awards day information

Ms. Kennemer has eagerly volunteered to coordinate Awards Day! She may call on a few staff members to assist with organization and decor.

A memo will be placed in your mailbox regarding the categories of Awards that will be distributed to students.

Award invites will be placed under mailboxes Monday. There is a letter for grades 1-4 and a separate letter for 5th. Please be sure to take the appropriate letter.

Awards may be picked up from the office Wednesday.

Kinder graduation 8:45

Fifth grade awards 2:00

First grade awards 8:45

Second grade awards 10:00

Third grade awards 12:00

Fourth grade awards 11:15

*students will eat lunch in classrooms on 5/26

Retention meetings will take place Monday. We will start 5 minutes aftermthe scheduled drop off time for CAMP.

5/18 Eric Cork

5/18 Ms. Kirk's retirement party @ Admin. building

5/19 Spring Training Camp

5/20 EOY results due in AWARE

5/24 Field Day

5/25 8:45 Kinder graduation 2:00 5th grade awards

5/26 First grade-Fourth grade Awards