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Skyview Upper Elementary School be kind - Skyview classes sign kindness pledge!

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Upcoming Events

Friday, September 27 - H& S Family Night at Arnold's

Monday, September 30 - School Closed

Tuesday, October 1 - Mid-Point 1st Marking Period

Friday, October 4 - Walk-a-Thon

Thursday, October 10 - H & S Meeting 7 p.m.

Monday, October 14 - School Closed

6th Graders to participate in Second Step Lessons

Skyview 6th graders will begin participating in lessons with Kimberly Gawthrop, Student Assistance Program Liaison from Carson Valley Children's Aid. These lessons will be periodic for the remainder of the school year. These are in addition to the curriculum presented by our Skyview counselors. The goals of the Second Step program are to increase student social skills and school success while decreasing aggression, bullying and substance abuse. These lessons will focus on building student skills in the areas of: empathy, communication, perspective taking, respectful disagreement, assertiveness, emotional management and problem solving.

Please contact 6th grade counselor, Mrs. VanBuren ( with questions.

Music Department- ShoeBox Recycling program

Skyview Upper Elementary Music Department has partnered with Community Recycling and their ShoeBox Recycling program. Together we are on a mission to help promote the importance of shoe recycling while raising funds to support students who wish to participate on the 6th grade music ensemble trip. Start cleaning out your closets and looking under your bed for gently used shoes. Every pair you recycle means extra funds for us and less landfill waste. All the shoes we recycle as a group are destined for another home. From South America and Africa to areas right here in the United States.

The Shoe Recycling bins will be in the lobby all school year long. Back to School Night is a great night for parents to kick off our fundraiser.

Acceptable Shoes to donate: gently used pairs, mens/womens/kids soccer cleats, casual shoes, dress shoes, work boots, sneakers, sandals, heels, flats and loafers.

Please do not donate: damaged/holes/wet/mildewed shoes, single shoes, metal spiks, flip flops/plastic shoes, slippers, dress boots, ski/winter boots, skates/blades.

For more information contact Mrs. Traci Bugosh, Skyview Band Teacher, and check out Community Recycling online at

Title I Services at Skyview

What are Title I services?

  • Federal funds provided to assist students who struggle in reading and/or math in qualifying schools, as determined by an established formula;
  • Services provide for either school-wide or “targeted assistance”;
  • Include provisions for: personnel , parent involvement, resources, supplies, professional development

Since my child’s school qualified for funding, will he/she automatically receive services?

The funding formula considers a number of factors, including the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Once it is determined whether a school qualifies to receive funds, another process is used to determine which students will receive services. Each school uses specific academic criteria to determine which students will receive additional assistance through these funds.

What Title I services will be delivered?

In 2019-2020, Methacton schools will deliver services in both reading and in math. Once data is examined to determine which students may receive the services, parents will be notified through a letter, which they must sign and return to give permission in order for the services to be delivered. Who delivers the services? Will my child receive the services all year? Services are provided through teachers, reading specialists, and/or instructional assistants. They will use strategies and resources to reinforce classroom instruction in specific areas of need. Following scheduled benchmark assessments, a determination will be made regarding whether a student continues to receive services. Parents will be notified whenever a student becomes eligible for services, or no longer needs to receive them.

How can I get more information about Title I services?

Each school receiving Title I funds will be sending additional information regarding specific services as the school year begins and at various points throughout the year. You will also receive information about Parent Information Sessions that will be scheduled at your child’s school. Additionally, you may visit Methacton’s main website and go to the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

PSSA Score Reports

Score reports from Spring 2019 PSSA testing were sent home with students on Monday, September 16, 2019.

FYI - Mrs. VanBuren

Mrs. VanBuren, 6th grade Counselor, is currently working a modified daily schedule. She is in the office daily from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Start with "hello" - practicing our morning manners - ask your child if they have received a sticker!

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Lobby Guard Reminders

Skyview Upper Elementary School has a new security sign-in system called Lobby Guard. All visitors and volunteers will need to sign in and out through the kiosk located in the vestibule. All visitors will need a driver’s license or passport to enter the school building. You must have your license/passport to sign a student in or out of the building. Below are the steps you will need to follow:


1. Go to the kiosk and touch the start button to begin the log in process

2. Answer all the questions on the Lobby Guard kiosk for “Visitor”

3. Swipe your driver’s license or passport under the red light on the lower left side of the kiosk

4. Once approved to enter the building, ring the doorbell next to the kiosk.

5. Go directly to the main office window to receive your Visitor badge

Approved Volunteers:

1. Go to the kiosk and touch the start button to begin

2. Follow the directions for “Volunteer” and answer all the questions

3. Once approved to enter the building, ring the doorbell next to the kiosk.

4. Please wear your volunteer badge while in the school.

Skyview Upper Elementary School be kind!