Save the Hamburger Planet!

By Noah M.

Recycling power

You want to recycle, right? Well you should! Recycling saves the earth! Every time you recycle you make someone not need to make 1 of something! Imagine if we recycled everything! That would be great! And you can help the poor to! If you give an old thing to the poor insted of throwing it away, you are recycling!

Save 'n' save our world

Did you know that it takes 80-100 years for aluminum to decompose? And if you recycle 1 aluminum, you save enough power to power a TV for 3 hours! And thats only 1 of the ways to save our planet. You can also save electricity by doing stuff like turning the light off in an empty room or turning the TV off when your uncle Jeff fals asleep watching it! ;)

light and wind

We can also use solar panels and windmills to save electricity because when you use that kind of energy how keep fossils from being burned, which pollutes the air. Calafornia has led the way in windmills! (Go Calafornia!)

Now that you have learned all this , Try to do it! Let's save the burger planet!