Welcome to Trivintopia

Welcome to the Country Trivintopia

The county of Trivintopia that an astounding range of a large country with a population of 65.1 million the terrain is mostly flat with small hills in the middle of the country the elevation rises into the mountains where most of the rivers start most people speak English and some people speak Spanish, Portuguese, chines.You also need a diploma to drop out of school and all citizens have to attend armed forces for two years and you will get free medical care. The government will try to provide a job that relates to the degree, if none are available the first year of collage is free. The year of retirement in the country is at 65 government does tax is 40% to deal with the free health care and collage year redone

Six Freedom of the Land

In the country of Trivintopia people may have rights who ever they are. One is that anyone who doesn't have a criminal record may purchase a wield a firearm but those with a criminal record can help the military .One right is that everyone has it that they can say what they what a.k.a freedom of speech. all people are treated equally doesn't matter if different race or gender. The age for driving is 15 due to drinking age of 18 so teens out there have three year to hone their driving skills and voting age 17. freedom to follow there religious believes. people that are going to court are guaranteed a lawyer. Everyone is aloud to be apart of government.

4 thing that are illegal

  1. illegal to kill unless for self defense
  2. illegal to hunt without a permit
  3. illegal to hurt any animals with chemicals
  4. illegal to force child labor upon Those under 16

Type of government

The Government is monarchy for Trivintopia we didn't pick another government is because it is not a oligarchy due to a small group of people would have all the power so if the group is up to wrong no one can stop them,and this is the same with a dictatorship excepted there is only one person with the power even making worse than a oligarchy, but with a monarchy a whole family who only understands the legal system and whats to protect there home land but without being a risk of being shot during the war of a dictator .Back to the fact that only royal blood can rule is better then the junta government where the power is taken by force by ruling it by a fist.

system of government

We picked the confederation because we what to have power but be fair to the citizens. another reason is it is easy to protect our citizens of Trivintopia. We choose this one because other system don't mix well with the royal blood line idea.

type of economy

the type of economy is capsulize because children in the old days were forced to work, yes problem but people age 16 and under can't work this is not a problem unlikely communism we won't force thing upon people like a small apartment.

fun stuff to do

Here you some fun things to in Trivintopia the first one is the beach you can get a really good tan. The is the carnivals they are really good and the food is awesome. The next thing is boat rides is another one. You should visit kings island it the best place on earth also skydiving and you should take a picture bye the kings statue.Also you can visit the king and queen in their castle of Gavstan and eat dinner with them. There is also helicopter tour of the city you are in sometimes they perform tricks.
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