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April 2015

Fifth Grade Research

Fifth grade classes rotated through five stations to conduct their research on types of energy. They scanned QR codes to watch Discovery Education videos, did an activity using the Nearpod app, did an energy experiment with their teacher, used print resources to look for information and used the PicCollage app on the iPads to create a product. Back in the classrooms, the students created a final product using Google Draw on the Chromebooks.

Science and Fairy Tales

To expand on the Fairy/Folk tale study for the Fairy Tale Battle, second graders were presented with a science challenge. They were to create their own parachute to help Jack escape from the Giant. Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the books for the 2nd grade Fairy Tale Battle. Students were given a variety of materials to choose from to make their parachute. They had to come up with a plan, draw it and label it before proceeding to construct it. Their parachute drop time was compared to the "control" drop of Jack without a parachute to see if their parachute took longer.
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Objects in the Sky

During their library time, first grade reviewed their knowledge of objects in the sky using the Nearpod app. They looked at a photo of the Northern Lights, phases of the moon and choose one of the phases of the moon and drew it on the iPad.
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Makerspace Club

This month, the afterschool Makerspace Club sponsored by the library tried out augmented reality and made a "noodle bot". Augmented reality is a mixture of real life and virtual reality. The "noodle bots" were made out of a pool noodle and an electric toothbrush. Both activities made for an extremely enjoyable afterschool activity.
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Nexus Readers

Nexus Readers were checked out to 5th grade students this month. They are to be used at home for students to read ebooks that they checked out using the Overdrive app. Students were given instruction on how to use the Nexus Readers and navigate the Overdrive app.
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Library Information

  • 1,834 items were checked out. Kinder-318, 1st-516, 2nd-576, 3rd-136, 4th-302, 5th-454, staff-128
  • 434 walk-ins
  • 40 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on research for fifth grade. In addition, lessons were taught on plants, objects in the sky, nonfiction text features, motion, spiders and fairy/folktales.
  • 23 classes came in for check out only.

Upcoming Events

  • 2nd grade Fairy Tale Battle
  • 3rd Grade Battle of the Books
  • 4th Grade Battle of the Books
  • District Battle of the Books
  • Kinder Fair Alphabet

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