The Ten Commandments-

for healthy snacks

The Ten Commandments for healthy snacks

Follow these ten commandments and escape the seductive power of simple sugars and fatty snacks. © think stock

Time to make the poor image of snacks, descent because believe it or not, they are quite an important part of a balanced diet
They can not only fill gaps in your daily dose of nutrients, they also avoid the bad state of mind that a gnawing hunger can provoke. The key to success lies in making the right choices and do just that, these ten commandments.

1. Respect the right portion
The fight against excess is already half won by holding. portions healthy Choose a snack, select the right portion and leave the kitchen. Avoid grabber from the packaging or snacking on the counter, the chances are that you will go. Overstep the mark 2. Remain under 200 kcal A golden rule in determining the right portion is to go for a snack that not more than contains 150 to 200 kcal, especially when you go into the battle with excess pounds. 3. Fill the gaps in your diet strategically.

Trying snacks When you have eaten, for example few vegetables at lunch than nibble on crispy, fresh raw vegetables or a piece of fruit in the afternoon. 4. hongertje not deny you Cannot stop daydreaming about chocolate?