College of the Atlantic

since 1969

Facts About the College

The College was established in 1969. The college is a private school, having an enrollment of 359 students, having 33% male and 67% being female. The college's icon is a representative symbol that means a lot to the college. Since it was built until now the icon has always remained the same with three symbols, the first symbol representing Human, the second one meaning Earth and the last one being water. And then combined with a circle it shows the important relationship between human beings and our surrounding environment being the essence of human ecology. which is what most of the student's on the college major on.

Bar Harbor Main

The town is a great attraction for tourists to visit. The town has a population of 5,235. If you were to visit the town some of the fun things that you would do would be hiking, rock climbing, tour time and kayak. The town has great attractions like:

How do you know when the Application is completed?

  1. A completed form and $50 fee
  2. At least two teacher recommendations
  3. Official transcript of all academic work
  4. School report and counselor recommendation
  5. An admission interview

(73.2% Accepted)

Average GPA is 3.58

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School Aids

If you earn your degree in Maine, have student loans and then live and work in Maine, you can apply for the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit that reimburses Maine workers for student loan payments! Alternatively, businesses that pay employees’ student loans as an employee benefit will be able to claim the tax credit, providing a strong incentive to expand or locate businesses here in Maine.

Introduction to COA

How can I contact the College?

105 Eden Street

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Phone: (207) 288-5015


Is this the college for me?

Yes This is the college for me. The ideal college for me would be a college that would be located in a small town where everyone was friendly and Bar Harbor Maine was an example of that. What I really liked about the college is that it has a really small enrollment of 359 students that would be less than 20 students in a class. On what I want to major on is in that college being marine Biology. But something that I really liked about the college was that it is surrounded by the ocean and outdoors.
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