Newsletter for PHES Students and Families

Sept 6, 2021

Morning Carpool Drop-off Updates 🚙 🚗 🚌

The first week of Providence Hall's bus routes were a success! The busses ran on time in the morning and afternoon.

In order to accommodate students coming on the bus in the AM, we will be adjusting our morning routine slightly. The front gate will be opened at 7:20 for students coming who arrive on any of the school busses. Those students will be supervised by Mr. Fry in the gated "Kinder" playground until 7:30, at which point all students will be able to have access to the back playground for play time and cafeteria for breakfast. As usual, at 7:40 students will be able to access their classroom for "Morning Choice".

We are also working with the LEA kitchen to ensure students who arrive at various times in the morning are able to get and eat breakfast before the school day begins.

We welcome your input in this an all matters. Feel free to contact me anytime

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Health and Safety Updates 😷 🩺

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Providence Hall wants to give a HUGE shout-out to our school nurse, Ms. Brown, for helping to keep our students safe during the continued monitoring of COVID-19 cases. We hope you have been monitoring the "PHCS COVID-19 Data Dashboard" for updates. On that page you will notice that, as Nurse Brown has been carefully following county health guidelines for contact tracing, a number of students have been identified as having tested positive for COVID-19. While most of these cases were contracted via contact with persons not on our campus, each and every time a positive case is determined, Nurse Brown contacts each and every family who may have been exposed based upon county guidelines (see the Providence Hall Website for more information about these guidelines).

If your child is ever exposed to another person at PHES with COVID-19, you will be contacted by the nurse and given the option to quarantine at-home or in-person with a mask, per County guidelines.

We continue to emphasize that while students are not required to wear a mask, we encourage them to do so to mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19. We also want to reiterate that our school is taking careful measures to keep our campus clean and safe, and that we want to work with families to ensure their child has a safe and happy experience at Providence Hall Elementary. Please reach out to me personally if you want to discuss options for your child, specifically.

Thank you, and be well.

Michael Fry, Principal

Lunch Menu for This Week

See details on MealViewer
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Counselor Corner 🧠

Hello, parents!

It has been a delight working with your kids again this year. Thank you for sharing them with us! It's amazing to see how the students are able to use social/emotional verbiage to help explain how they're feeling and why they feel that way because of what they learn in social skills classes. Many of them are able to explain that when they are calm they are using their "thinking brain" (or prefrontal cortex) and when different stressors set them off, their "feelings brain" (amygdala) has taken control. They know some strategies they can use to become calm again. Here is what we are learning this week!

K: Hand Brain Model (how feelings and our brain work)

1: Listening to Learn

2: Being Respectful

3: Being Respectful Learners

4: Empathy and Respect

5: Empathy and Respect

Feel free to check out our counselor website for extra resources!

Contact information:

Miss Kristen Leininger

Grades 1, 3, and 5

Mrs. Amanda Jenson

Grades K, 2, 4, and Special Success

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Link to PHES Amazon Wishlist
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Utah Parent Center

Hello amazing Providence Hall parents!! Welcome back to school!! Another amazing year is well underway!! My name is Rochelle Thompson and I am your Utah Parent Center (UPC) Parent Advocate.

The mission of the UPC is to help parents help their children, youth and young adults with all disabilities to live included and productive lives as members of the community. We accomplish our mission by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents. I have a son with disabilities that attended a charter school and was part of their Special Education Program. I work exclusively with parents of special needs students that attend charter schools.

If you feel your child would qualify for special education, please reach out to me and I can help walk you through the evaluation process. Also, if you have questions about your Individualized Education Program (IEP) or your child’s 504 plan, I can help. I will work with you to be better prepared for school meetings (and I can also attend school meetings with you). I am here to give you support every step of the way. Please look for additional upcoming information regarding parent workshops that will be taught throughout the year!! Also, please visit our website at and go to our events tab. You can join in on any workshop center wide as they all have a virtual option.

You have an amazing Special Education and Administration Team. Providence Hall’s administration values parents with children with disabilities by providing this additional level of assistance and support!!!

I am YOUR advocate! I am ready and willing to help!!

Rochelle Thompson

Look who had a birthday this week!

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Get Your Patriot Pride on with New Gear

PTO Fundraiser for PHES Library (LAST WEEK!)

Use the attached form to purchase a "Blast off with a Book" T shirt and help support the PHES Library. Thanks to the PTO for organizing this!

Parent Survey for USBE

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Standards Review Process, USBE administers a survey annually to collect feedback on our current core standards. We seek feedback from educators, parents, students, community leaders, etc. We would greatly appreciate your completion of the survey via the link below.
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