Trauma Surgeon

Deals with life-threatening cases

Job Description

Trauma Surgeons deal with patients that are in serious car crashes, stabbing and gun shot wounds. They are one part of the surgical team that deal with the vascular system. They repair blood vessels and broken bones. A lot of the injures deal with a lot of organs such as:





There are many other organs but those are the most common. The job has high-stress that comes with it and can be unpredictable.

Salary Range

A trauma surgeon income increases really fast after the first year. It can range between $282,000 - $424,555 per year. The hourly wages can be around $97.92 - $147.42 per hour.


-Bachelor's Degree in an area such as pre-med., biology, or a science that is realated in anyway. (4 years)

-Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (4 years)

-Hospital or clinic-based training. Which really means: 1-year trauma surgery or surgical critical care program or 2-year combined fellowship program. The Combined Fellowship Program includes options of acute care, orthopaedic trauma or surgical critical care. (to get experience)

-Have to have 1-3 years of residency training to meet the eligibility requirements for physical licensure.

-Physicians must pass the United Sates Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Popular Companies

Penn medical center. It is staffed 24 hours a day.

Why I chose this job

I chose this job because I want to save lives. I didn't want to work in the brain or the heart but as I thought about it more I knew that i wanted to become a trauma surgeon. I watch the Untold Stories of the ER and I see all these patient that need help. For example they may have a pipe in their head, shot multiple time, or even in a deadly car crash. I see that they are in pain and sometimes the surgeons can't anything but i want to be one of those surgeons that tries everything to keeps the patient alive and well so that they can go home to their family.
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