1930's Fashion

Lauren Howard & Taylor Davis

Even though the people in the 1930's were poor, they didn't dress like it!


-Pant legs were cuffed for a casual look with a pressed pleat down the center

-Polo shirts and knitted double-breasted sweaters

-Fedoras & Straw hats


-Mid length skirts worn at the natural waistline

-Fitted pullover sweaters and butterfly sleeve top

-Classic pumps, sling-back heels, and peep toes

-Matching gloves, hats, and purses (The 1930s)


-Knicker style pants

-Dark blue wool


-Felted wool beret-style hats

-Socks and rubber boots


-Floral blouses

-Knee-long dresses

-Leather and high-ankle shoes

-Floral bonnets (1930s Fashion)

Average Costs-

Men's Two Piece Suit- $19.75 in 1935

currently $650

Women's Two Piece Suit- $6.98 in 1933

currently $307 (1930's Fashions)

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