WMS Weekly Mission

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Create Hope

I would like to share a story of one of my most memorable memories I had as a middle school student.

I was getting ready to sign up for my freshman courses when I went to my 8th grade math teacher. This teacher knew that I was having difficulties understanding the math concepts. I had a sense of hopelessness when it came to the class. It seemed like the more I tried the more frustrated I got until I finally shut down. When I told my 8th grade math teacher which high school math class I would like to take, she quickly took me in the hallway. I will never forget the way she made me feel when she said, "Amy you don't need to take Pre-Algebra you are more than capable of doing very well in Algebra. I know you have been struggling in class but it is because you have told yourself over and over that you can't do the math and now you believe it. I want you to stop telling yourself you can't and starting saying I can. I believe in you."

WOW! Twenty-seven years later this memory has not faded. Unfortunately, I never got to tell the teacher thank you. The only thing I can do is share this with other educators to encourage them to continue to give hope. Help kids see that you believe in them! For me, that simple 2 minute talk in the hallway meant more than that teacher will ever know. By the way, I did take Algebra as a freshman and did just what she told me I could!

Weekly Events

Monday, August 31st
  • No meeting after school
  • Leadership team will meet in the team room at 2:15.

Tuesday, September 1st
  • After school tutoring starts in the library

Wednesday, September 2nd
  • Amy will be out from 10:00am - 12ish

Thursday, September 3rd
  • After school tutoring in the library

Friday, September 4th
  • No student - Professional Development Day
  • Math teachers will be at Intermediate for PD
  • MS teacher (except math) will be at the middle school. Remember we are having a potluck lunch. Here is the schedule for the day: Sept. 4th PD Day