New Religion for Rome

By: Jackson Herman

Announcement from Constantine the Great

My fellow Romans today is a glorious day. Today is the hole of the Roman Empire has a new religion Christianity! So after today only Christianity will the only religion of the Roman Empire, NO EXCEPTIONS. Also there will be no more persecutions for Christians, and anyone who persecutes a Christian will be punished.Thank you for your time my Romans.

Our new major Beliefs

Here are our new major beliefs.We now believe in one god, his son, and the holy spirit.We also now have a book you all need to read, it is called The Holy Bible.It tells tales about Christianity that have lessons inside the stories.Finally we now believe in praying.Praying is when you talk to our new god by bowing down and putting your hands together.You can pray to ask for help, or you could pray just to talk to god.Those are our new major beliefs.

No Persecution

There will be no more persecutions of Christians anywhere in the Roman Empire anymore.So Christians you can come out of hiding now, it's okay we will not hurt you.

The Most Frequently asked quetion

Why are we as Romans are being forced to switch to Christianity?

You as Romans are being forced to believe in Christianity because your leader Constantine the Great at the Battle of Milvian Bridge looked up into the sky , and saw the words "in this sign, conquer".So Constantine ordered all his men to adorn their shields with the Christian symbol, and he won the Battle because he put the Christian symbol on their shields.So that is why the Roman empire is converting to Christianity.