Westward Expansion

Taylor Dickmeyer

Manifest destiny painting

The meaning of this painting is America moving forward. The lady represents America moving forward as being beautiful. The Americans moving west are moving into light. The Indians are moving into darkness. In this picture it also shows the way that the Americans traveled. (Train,waterway,ect) This relates to the Westward expansion because it shows the people moving and the things that people were bringing in with them to new lands.
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Trails west map

The four trails west were the Mormon trail, Oregon trail, Santa Fe trail, and the California trail. The Mormon trail traveled to Utah and took about four months. the Oregon trail took about four to six months to travel. The Santa Fe trail took about forty to sixty days to travel. The California trail took about three to six months.

Texas Revolution

Settlers moved into Texas to increase the lands population to better the chances of statehood. The battle of the Alamo was a battle in the Mexican-American war. At the battle of the Alamo Mexicans ended up defeating the US. The battle of San Jacinto was also a battle in the Mexican-American war. At the battle of San Jacinto the US defeated Mexico and took it's independence from Mexico.

Mexican-American War

The Cause of the war was a land dispute between the US and Mexico. The bear flag revolt was when a small group of American settlers proclaimed that California was an independent republic. The treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo was a peace treaty that also solved land settlement problems. The Gadsden purchase was a treaty that the US would pay ten million dollars to get land from Mexico. The land is now known as Arizona and New Mexico.

49'er letter

My dearest family,

I know that life has been tough at home, and I am sorry to say that it will only get tougher. I sent in my last letter that I would be sending money, but instead I'm sending a divorce form. The mine camp is no good. No one finds anything ever, and if something is found then the finder keeps the treasure and the money. The people running the camps are running out of money, as am I, they keep talking of big things only to find rocks not gold. Life in California is good away from the camps. I have a very lovely lady that lives next to me, but sometimes it seems pitiful. So many people come for hopes of gold when we have no gold left. The population is getting bigger everyday of hopeful people, the smart people got out first. Just being apart of the gold rush is too much. Too many sorrows and weeps, too many dreamers who turn into weepers. I can't imagine what other wives are going through, or the children. I hope you can forgive me, for I have no money to travel to come home. Hopefully this isn't the end.

My beloveds,

Your dad/husband