Post World War II technology

March 1976

Try new tecnology today!

This flyer will give you information on new technology that was developed in the years after World War ll. These different inventions will greatly improve your life on a daily basis! Below is a picture and description on how it will improve your life today.

Mobile Phone:

The mobile phone is a necessity for all modern Americans. In the year 1973, almost 3/4 of American homes owned a telephone. These phones are important to modern society because they are a stepping stone into the future technology of this century. Some of the new technology relating to the mobile phone are messaging machines and rotary phones,which are rapidly rising in popularity today. The mobile phone will help you answer a call when your on the go! Never miss a call again! Get your Motorola mobile phone today!

Color Television:

Color T.V. is a brand new way to watch television. It is unlikely that you don't own a television, but this new T.V. transmits images in color. This technology is a great way to spend time with family and friends or to just entertain yourself. Television will continue to advance through the decades, so I suggest you get on board! Watch your favorite films in color!

Cassette Tapes:

Cassettes are a very useful part of society today. Cassette tapes can hold recordings and can be played later through a cassette player. this is important to the society today because cassettes are primarily used for musical purposes, even though they are used for educational purposes as well. Get yourself a cassette player to listen to all of the latest hits!