First Grade News

February 16-19

First Grade Timelines

Just a reminder that the timelines are due Tuesday, February 16th. Please help your child complete this and celebrate their big moments!! THANKS!!!

Early Dismissal Days ~ 2/17 & 2/18

Please send a sack lunch or snack with your child on these days unless you pre ordered a sack lunch from the cafeteria. THANKS!

There is a mistake on the lunch calendar. It shows us serving Pizza Hut Pizza on Wednesday the 17th. This is wrong. Both early dismissal days we will be having a sack lunch only.

We WILL move the pizza day to Friday,February 19th.

So Friday's full menu will be Pizza Hut Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, or Chef Salad and a Breadstick.

Sides will be Garlic Roasted Cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, Caesar salad and Cherry Smoothie.

Spelling Words for the Week

Spelling: Long a ~ silent e words

Test on February 19th

On Level: bake, date, name, case, state, shame, wake, cakes, four, for, stiff, and

Challenge: rattlesnake, earthquake, scrape, behave, engagement & 2 words of student's choice

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, February 15 - No School ~ President's Day

Tuesday, February 16 - Timeline Due ~ Please see note sent home with directions for this at home project.

Wednesday, February 17 - Early Release Day 11:45

Thursday, February 18 - Early Release Day 11:45

PTA Meeting @ 6:30 pm ~ Media Madness

Monday, February 22nd `- Friday, February 26th ~ GES BookFair - more details coming soon!

Learning Topics for the Week

Reading/Language Arts: Literacy Groups - strategies good readers use, fluency practice, handwriting, Spelling -long a silent e, students will continue writing about their opinions and trying to persuade others to agree with their opinion

Math: students can count from 99 backwards to any given number, they can use a number line to count backwards from any given number below 99 and count forwards/backwards to/from 99

Science: sort and classify living and nonliving things based upon whether or not they have basic needs

Social Studies: Students can identify historical figures who have exhibited a love of individualism and inventiveness and how they helped our community, state, and nation.

Student Led Conferences

*Please make sure you have a time set up with your child's teacher for this conference!

What are student-led conferences? Student-led conferences are preplanned meetings that are run by students and are held in their homeroom classrooms. During this meeting students share their learning goals, share work samples and discuss their academic progress and areas of need with their parents. The purpose of student-led conferences is to establish highly interactive communications systems that foster dialogue about their learning. Students are empowered through the implementation of student-led conferences. They are made to feel like partners in their learning and they are held accountable for their learning goals. During student-led parent conferences, parents get to hear from their child about what they are learning, what their strengths are and what areas they feel they need additional support. Students may have the opportunity to collaborate with their parents during a short goal-setting session at the end of the conference. Student led conferences also serve as a conversational tool that can be used to spark meaningful discussions about a child’s progress outside of the school setting.

What are the benefits of student-led conferences?

  • Students have increased ownership of their own learning.

  • Parents and students have open communication about school, after-school activities and other important decisions in life.

  • Teachers establish a stronger working relationship with parents and students.

How are student-led conferences different from traditional conferences?

  • Students participate in all stages of the conference. They prepare and organize work samples, use checklists to demonstrate new learning, and plan next steps.

  • Students lead the conversation to show what they have learned. They receive feedback from their parents and teachers about strengths and goals for improvement.

  • Teachers actively monitor the conference, but do not lead the conversations.

Valentine's Day Party

Thanks for a GREAT party last Friday!!! We loved seeing the kids having fun, eating their ice cream and opening their cards!