The Nordtvedt News

September 19th-23rd

What Are We Working On This Week?

Character Education: Overview of basic school safety and general expectations

Reader's Workshop: Working on determining main idea and supporting details.

Spelling/Word Study: Week #7. Students will receive their list on Monday and test on Friday. Please encourage your child to study his/her words each night.

Writer's Workshop: Working on our narrative unit.

Math: Unit 1 - Multiplication and Division

Science: Unit 1 - How Scientists Work

Social Studies: this subject is taught by Mrs. Kornder. Please check your child's agenda daily to see if they have homework in this area. Questions, please

Writing Help & Collecting Pennies

For our narrative unit, in writing, we will be creating a small book of memories about ourselves. It's called "My Cents-ational Years." The students will need to write a paragraph about 5 events in their lives. Events can be anything that they feel comfortable writing a paragraph about (examples: moving to a new school, a special birthday party, doing an activity for the first time, the birth of a family member, etc.). Please help your child to brainstorm at least 5 events that they could write about (they need to be able to remember the event, so it can't be the day of their birth). We will be working on the writing at school, but we need your help coming up with events!

Also, part of the project will include finding a penny to represent each of the years that an event occurred. So, once your child has their events, please help them to remember what year the event occurred and find a penny with the year on it. It is a really neat project when it is complete! Thanks for your help!


*September 22nd - Cedar Lake Farm field trip (students should dress to be outside, apply sunblock/mosquito repellant at home, and BRING A Disposable BAG LUNCH)

*September 26th-30th - Friendship Week (formerly Anti-Bully Week)

*October 4th - Picture Day

*October 14th - The Science Museum will be coming to present to the 5th Grade

Drops on a Penny Experiment