Mae Reynolds

Actress; McGrath; Arts,A/V,Tech,Communication

Personal Strength

I chose this career because, I love to pertend I am someone I am not. Some things that will help me in this career are that I can remember lines, and i'm a very good at faking things.
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Education and Training

This job will require an acting class or acting training. Acting will also require a high school diploma. The school subjects that are most important for this job is reading and writing and last but not least communication.

Work Enviorment

My job would be fun because I will be doing something I love. For this job I will be working both in a office and inside. I will travel for this job. This job will be stress full because when ever my boss calls me in for work I have to go in and act. Another thing that would make this job stress full because I might forget my lines. I will work with animals and humans. My schedule will be different.


I will get 19.82 dollars hourly. My annual payment in Georgia is 39,520 dollars a year.

Job Outlook

The future of my job looks like +12%.. In 2023 there will be acting jobs. There will be opportunities for a promotion. After I have completed this research I would still like to pursue this career.