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Counselor Corner: A Message from Amy Amper Program Counselor

Be on the lookout for course availability around October 20th for Spring 2016. Please come to see me if you would like to create an academic plan to map out your future graduation date and goals.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

President Obama has designated October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To honor this, FedInsider if offering several training events and webinars at no cost throughout the month:

Exfiltration and Government: Designing an Insider Threat Program
Thu, Oct 22, 2015 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Accreditation: 1 CPE

Cost: Complimentary

Experts from ODNI, FBI, and Nuix will discuss critical steps to stop insider threats before they become messy and costly public problems.

Info & Register:

Opening Doors to Cyber and Homeland Security Careers
Wed, Oct 28, 2015 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Accreditation: 1 CPE

Cost: Complimentary

Experts from George Washington University, a Federal Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research by NSA & DHS, will discuss how individuals can enter or grow in the homeland security and cybersecurity fields where jobs are not only abundant in today's economy, but are also at the front lines in protecting our Nation.

Info & Register:

Want a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Computer Science?

Attend the following workshops depending on where you want to transfer to. Both workshops are being held at Leeward CC. Topics to be covered: Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science, specialties in ICS, minoring in ICS, careers in ICS and more!

UH Manoa Workshop

Day: Thursday, October 15

Time: 10:30-11:45 am

Room: BS 105

Speaker: Gerald Lau

UH West Oahu Workshop

Day: Thursday, October 22

Time: 1:30-2:30pm

Room: BS 107

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Chapman

Setting SMART Goals


One of the key skills in achieving success in college and beyond is learning how to set goals. Studies have shown that students who have set educational and career goals for themselves are more likely to complete their college education. When you set a goal you set your mind in motion to find ways to make your goal a reality.

You Can Make it One Step at a Time!

Get S.M.A.R.T.

If you know what you are aiming at, you can focus on hitting the target. Setting a goal works

the same way. The most helpful goals are SMART (Specific, Measureable, Action-Packed, Realistic & Time-Bound). This goal-setting tool will help you focus on a goal and help you reach it. Take one of your education or career goals and make it a SMART goal:


What do you want to do?

Not Specific: I want to get an education.

Specific: I want to earn an Associate Degree in Information and Computer Science


How will you measure your goal progress?

Not Measurable: I will take some classes.

Measureable: I will enroll and complete 12 credits each semester.


How will you make this happen?

Not Action-packed: I will attend class.

Action-Packed: I will schedule my time so I can attend 12 hours of class each week and allow myself at least 24 more hours to study (for every 1 credit hour, approximately 2-3 hours outside of class studying).


Is your goal doable?

Unrealistic: I will reach this goal in a year or so.

Realistic: I will complete 24 credits each school year.


Can you set a time frame?

No time: I will earn an Associate Degree

Time: I will earn an Associate Degree in Information and Computer Science in ____ semesters

What is YOUR SMART Goal?

My Goal


Measureable: _____________________________________




Source: CaliforniaCareerCafe