Computer Technology

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Hard Drive HDD/SDD

A harddrive is a very smart piece of tech which stores all your data from essays to folders, the hard disk is another way of saying hard disk drive but more commenly said hard disk which is contained in the hard drive and most commenly stores data and can stores up to about 100GB and much more but is still only the size of your hand. SSD is a type of mass storage device which mostly supports reading and writing data and is also connected to a computer like a hard drive

touch screen

touch screen is one of the main pieces of technology used today, all the time, from phones to tablets and many more. Its a type of display screen (output) which has a touch sensitive transparent panel covering the screen so that you can touch it with your hand (input) instead of a pointing device 


a moniter is a output device allowing the user to a screen or a display and also letting the person view the information on the screen adding to this the screen is also interactive.

optical drive

In the real world optical is refered to as vision or screen but in the computer world, it is refered to as a laser, the job of this laser is to read information put into it, the way the laser reads the information is that it is put on a disk, this disk has bumps and dips in it and the computer uses those  bumps and dips and as information and makes it into 1 and 0 , in the way the computer can understand. this technology is used in DVD player etc and CDs from blue ray to DVDs  

central processing unit

The CPU is a crucial to the computer and obsorbs the information put into the computer, this also counts if it is complex or simple, the CPU is not a device that needs a break but a device that is continusely processing functions and basic instructions.  this is basically the brains of the computer and solves many problems.

Random acessing memory

The RAM is made out of memory modules also known as memory chips and are in RAM slots.  The ram is used each time you open upa program and speeds up the processing of the computer, the RAM is better than the hard drive because its much faster this laso stops from having lag and the more RAM you have the more faster your proccessing is adding to this it is also temparary memory


the motherboard is the biggest piece of silicon in the whole computer and is made out of CPU, ROM, RAM, PCI and USB.  the motherboard also counts as being the main control. 

Input and output device

input devices are ways ofputting information or knowlege or anything inside a computer and storing it in there, so when you type in a keyboard, the letters come up on the computer, and out put devices are ways of seeing things from the outside, so looking at a computer screen or printing out a piece of work and so onans these eevices really help us in the real world