Steppin' Out

Surekka & Pravy

Lucky Aces Win The Hearts Of 740,000+ !

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The 12 year old dancing duo leaves the crowd in awe with their amazing performance on the Ellen DeGeneres show on March 31st. The best friends share their dance to the song "Turn Down For What" with all of Ellen's audience as well as the rest of the world. The dancers were truly amazing while performing unique jumps and flips. Facial expressions were very well used to enhance their performance as well as their

energy level and commitment.



Guelph's Multicultural Festival !

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Missed last year's multicultural festival? You can attend it this year! Don't miss out on exotic foods, awesome performances, ceremonies and much more! This festival starts on June 5th, 2015 at the Riverside Park, and is held for three days full of performances and ceremonies on stage which include, music, dance and art. It's a chance to to experience new cultures and a range of diversity. Don't miss it!

1.) Where and when did the duo "Lucky Aces" perform?

2.) To what song did they perform to?

3.) How many days the Multicultural Festival take place?

4.) What is the purpose of the Multicultural Festival?

5.) If you were a part of Lucky Aces, what would run through your mind as you're dancing?