Brynn Amacher: Period 1

Basic Facts

Christianity is a religion whose followers are called Christians. Christians believe that Jesus, God's son, suffered, died, was burried, and rose from the dead to open heaven for people who trust him. Their place of worship is a church, and their worship leader is called a priest/bishop. The holy book is called a Bible. The Christianity symbol is a cross. Something that Jews, Muslims, and Christians have in common is that they are called Abrahamic religions, because they have history based on Abraham and the Hebrew Bible.

Holy Days

The Christianity religion has a holiday called Christmas. Christians celebrate Christmas because Christmas, December 25th, is when Jesus was born. They also celebrate Easter, the day they believe he rose from the dead. They worship on Sunday.

Worship Pictures

Holy Cities/Places

The picture to the right shows a picture of a holy place in the Christianity religion- Vatican City.

Christianity Tradition

The Christianity tradition shown is Christmas. Christians celebrate Christmas by putting up a tree with lights on it.
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