Fall Outfit Ideas!

By: Yunwoo Kwon

How were you guys!?!?

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't post in a week! I forgot to post something last week...but I thought of some great ideas of what to post for the FUTURE!! So, I am going to show you some outfits for the fall/autumn. I mean, come on.. fall is my favorite season of the year. And... yeah lets get started on the outfits! :D

Casual Fall Outfit

So, for those you out there, that likes to dress up on the comfy side, I have just the outfit you would like to find. And this is usually my go-to outfit for school on the chilly dayzz. Remember, you DO NOT have to copy my same clothing. You can make a recreation of my style.

So, what I usually do is pair one of my jeans and a cute top/favorite top. Then on top of it, wear a cardigan, vest or jacket. I would go with a warm cardigan... with the warm weather in Texas. But you can go either way. If you don't like the idea of wearing some plain jeans, cuff the jeans on the bottom! It makes it look like a whole new jean. So you can wear that same jeans the next day with the cuffs and belt, and the BAM it looks like a different pair of jeans. For shoes, just pair it off with some boots or some Keds.

Comfy Lazyy Dayzz Fall Outfit

I know, I know, there is some days where you DO NOT want to show your beautiful faces around or just get up from bed. Well, I have just the perfect outfit for you. I would usually wear this outfit when I want to stay home and watch NetFlix, read, and stuff my whole face with FOOD.

Just pair it off with some leggings, a sweatshirt/sweater, and some knee socks. Yes, I know, knee socks over leggings. But knee socks are like the bae. You know why? Because :: legwarmers + socks = knee socks. Duh, now you know. And if you want to go somewhere like grab a Starbuck, then add some cute boots. And you're done!

Casual and Dressy Fall Outfit

Okay, there wouldn't be a chance you would dress up very dressy or too formal for a special occasion or when you feel like it, but this outfit is not only dressy, but still casual. Maybe you can wear it when you go to the movie theatre with some friends, or going out for dinner, or on a date.

For this type of outfit, wear your favorite romper, dress, or skirt. Then get a cool looking cardigan or a leather jacket to wear it on top. Since it may be a little chilly, pair some knee socks or tights. Now, pair it off with a pair of boots or your favorite heels. But remember, don't over do your outfit or wear very high heels. It will make it very on comfy and make it TOO MUCH. Now go and have a great night.