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Hemp as Fabric

Better for the environment and the Earth. Hemp requires half the amount of water cotton needs and produces more yield than cotton ("Green Lantern: Can Hemp Help the Environment, or Is It Just Marijuana?", 2011). Cotton, like many other sources, are territory hogs! Hemp can produce two to three times more fiber per acre than cotton (Robbins, 2010).

Why Hemp Fabric and Clothing Rules

The fabric is durable, soft and comfortable. Hemp fabric is also a thermal regulator, keeping you toasty warm in colder weather and breezy cool in warmer weather (WG). Hemp fabric keeps its shape; stretching less than any other natural fiber. Like raw denim jeans, hemp fabric doesn't wear out, it wears in. Hemp fabric looks better with use and age so style (and comfort) are continuous ("Fiber Qualities", 2015).

How Industrial Hemp Benefits Economies

Industrial hemp stimulates the economy by creating jobs and creating commodities and innovation. Products range from "Hempcrete" to uses in automobiles. By growing hemp in the U.S., we cut our imports (since no hemp is legally mass-grown here) and create jobs in various fields (Wishnia, 2013).

History of Industrial Hemp & Hemp Fabric in Fashion

The History of Hemp

Hempy Fashion: Our Designs

Shirts, Pants & Shorts

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Hemp for regular clothes is a perfect application. The fabric is sophisticated and versatile so it can be used for all different styles and types. Hemp is perfect for everyday clothes because of its UV and mold resistance ("Benefits of Hemp Clothing", 2014).


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Hemp is a great match for sundresses. Hemp fabric is light and hemp is easily colored by dye. Dyes look excellent on hemp fabrics because of its texture and creates a sense of unique-ness.

Lingerie and Underwear

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Hemp is absorbent and thermally regulating so it is fabulous for undergarments and socks. Comfortable and environmentally friendly.

So... how does hemp turn into fiber?

Processing Hemp from the field to textile fibre

Still not convinced that industrial hemp is any good?

Tony Budden of 'Hemporium SA' - The Global Benefits of HEMP
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