Estrella Badillo

The White House

The White House on Fire

The President of the United States was James Madison. In 1814 Dolly Madison his wife and First Lady. She packed her stuff and the Constitution, Silver,The Declaration of Independence then she left in 1814. After she left the White House the British set the White House and the Capitol Building on fire. The White House was rebuilt in 1815.
The assassination of President Lincoln was on the 13 of April. The next morning he laid dead in the east room. President John F. Kennedy his daughter Caroline went to school in the White House Solarium. President Kennedy his wife Jacqueline gave a tv crew a tour of the White House's interior and let them record it In 1962.
The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W in Washington D.C. Also Americans have a deep regard for it. The White House has three main parts the residence, east wing, west wing. The White House has 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces. The residence is 170 feet wide, 85 feet deep, 58 feet high. Washington D.C was named the capital in 1790.
In the west side of the White House they have Crab-Apple tree, tulips, and they hold dinners there sometimes. The Easter Egg Roll is celebrated because of Dolly Madison. The Blue room has portraits of all the presidents. The Red room is a sitting room. The Green room is for informal receptions. It is landscaped at 18 acres (7.2 hectares.)


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