"Democracy is when the people keep the government in check."

Who has the power?

If your government is democracy you as the people will or should have most of the power. You will still however have a leader just like here in the United States.

Some facts..

Most democratic countries tend to be some of the most wealthy countries in the world. Democracy is one of the most popular governmentnt types in the world.


For the people in a democratic government one benefit is that they have all the power. They will make the decisions and run their own country.


We are totally controlled by secret society, and they present both candidates to " The Democratic election."

A Country that are Democratic

United States

5 pictures of a Democratic Government

Details on why is a Democratic Government the best Government


Represents the people.

Respect of Human Rights.

Promotes Human Rights.

How will a Democratic Government help Iraq

The people will have more power.