By: Reighley Heiser

What Slavery Was Like

Slavery lasted from about 1619 - 1865. The slaves were African Americans, they were bought and brought to America by ships. People bought slaves because they didn't want to do there own work. Slave families were often separated from each other and slave children often grew up with only one parent the other one was often sold or killed.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was an informal network that helped slaves escape and reach freedom in the Northern States and Canada. Harriet Tubman was a big help in this she helped about 300 or more slaves escape from their owners. Harriet Tubman worked for the Union Army during the Civil War as a nurse, cook, and later became a scout and spy.

Music During The Slaves

Many of the songs sung by the slaves reflected off of their religious beliefs and hidden codes. The purpose of the songs served an outlet of expression, communicating feelings, and developing a feeling of comfort. Two of the songs they were known for singing were Follow the Drinking Gourd and Go Down Moses.