Cure Katrina Disaster!

Hurricane Katrina Awareness

Hurricane Horror

Hurricane Katrina devastated our country. Completely destroying states such as Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and especially Louisiana. Katrina was a strong category 3 when she hit land, with winds as high as 140 mph and storm surges rising up to 27 feet. Affecting 15 million people, and killing over 1,000, Katrina has left parts of our country ravaged. with 125 billion in economic damage, being attentive to this travesty is of the upmost importance.

Help us get the justice we deserve!

Government left us out to dry

The government was well aware of the destruction Katrina was capable of before she hit and they still did not prepare to help. Transportation evacuation plans were not executed, leaving hundreds of thousands of people , mostly sick or elderly or poor, who had no other way of leaving there to face Katrina alone. Besides the 15,000 people that were allowed to take refuge in the Superdome, no other plan was thought out. When people then tried to escape through the Crescent City Connector bridge to get to Gretna, police awaited there with shotguns telling them to turn back. George Bush needs to pay for his ignorance. He not only did not rescue, but he opened a gate to unimaginable crime. Edwin Compass, Police superintendent, reported that the city went into chaos, being riddled with rape and robbery. The two places of refuge, convention center and Superdome, women and children were being gang raped. Police and civilians also were shot and brutalized from the looters rummaging through the city. He did not respond appropriately to the Hurricane, lives a could have been spared, and chaos could have been controlled. Our organization would also like to recognize that the areas affected were predominantly African American. 70% of blacks, as opposed to 46% of whites, felt angry towards the lack of effort from the government. Considering African Americans were twice as likely to know someone who was directly affected, the anger is warranted. 71% of African Americans also feel that if it had been more white people in affected areas, efforts would have been immediate. The government caused this racial divide and there is no excuse for the incompetence on the subject of Katrina. They have an obligation to their citizens to repay us and make their wrongs right. We would like to make aware the blatant disrespect the African American community received during this traumatic event, and compensation for our losses and emotional damage is needed. Help us make this point of equality to the government and also help us help the government realize they abandoned their citizens and they need to plan better, so this will not happen again.