Thelma Viola Sisney Snyder

BY: Alex Bennett

Thelma and historical events

Thelma Snyder was born 1925 and died in 2008. During her lifetime she experienced many wars such as the cold war, Vietnam, Gulf war, Korean war, Cuban missile crisis, Cuban revolution, Iraq, Afghanistan, Soviet/ Afghan war, Patriotic war, Battle of Stalingrad, and WWII. Through 1961- 1975 she watched all the Apollo missions or read about them. When she was 7 Amelia Earhart flew the Atlantic ocean never to come back again. Also witnessed the devastation of hurricane katrina in 2005.


In 1926 Winnie the pooh became an animated star, and Mickey mouse became one too in 1928. One of the first Mickey mouse episodes was steamboat willie. Both of the cartoons were made animated by disney. Winnie the pooh was published by Author A. A. Milne. Many other cartoons came out too like popeye but are not remembers as much as these two stars.