My Digital Footprint

By: Olivia Mendron

Digital Footprint

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is evidence of what you do online. You leave a trail of what you do whenever you're online.

Why is it Important?

Your digital footprint can impact your future. For example, when you are applying for a job, your boss will google you and see what comes up. If they see that you have a bad footprint, you might not get hired. If it is positive, and they see that you have social media accounts, and that you're/were involved in your community or school, you have a better chance of getting that job. You should be careful of what you do/put online.

Tools I used to expand my Digital Footprint

1. Twitter

2. Blogger

3. Linked-In



I used twitter to expand my digital footprint by, tweeting about things that I do, liking and re-tweeting my friends' posts,and promoting my blogs. I also used twitter to tweet about projects and made polls for voting.

Impact on My Digital Footprint

This impacts my digital footprint because it shows that I'm involved in school, and that I am active on my social media accounts. It also shows that I'm using them in a positive way. My digital footprint on twitter, also shows that I communicate with people from school and participate in activities such as Red Ribbon Week.



The purpose of blogger was to blog for class, and share my experiences with everyone.


The impact this has on my digital footprint is that it shows that I have experience with blogging. This is one of the first things I see when I type my name in Google.

What it is Saying about Me

Blogger shows my writing skills and that I am not afraid to share things for the world to see.



The purpose of Linked-In was to connect with people that have the same interests as me.


This may impact my future in a positive way because when I posted on my profile, I added volunteer experience, courses I'm taking, projects and more.

Saying about Me

This shows that I have helped out my community and am a well rounded student.



What helped me expand my digital footprint was making social media accounts because they immediately popped up when I typed in my name on Google. My digital footprint can impact me in my future, when I'm trying to get into a good college or applying for a job.


What is harmful to my digital footprint is if someone hacks into one of my accounts and puts up things that can harm what I did online. Everyone would think I put the certain post on my account, and I would have to make a new one and try to delete the existence of my old one.

Improving Online Identity

To improve your online identity you can do many things. Some examples are to launch your own website,or make different kinds of social media accounts (Instagram or Snapchat). You have to be online to have a digital footprint, you can share things you do on a daily basis through Twitter or Snapchat, or look at your timeline and share posts you like.

Most Important thing I Learned this Semester

The most important thing that I learned this semester about maintaining a positive digital footprint is to watch what you do online and post things that can make my footprint helpful in the future. Once this class is over, I will keep posting on all my social media accounts and adding to my Linked-in account.