Welcom to my news letter

Joon Sup Yoon

Earth Quake PBL

What does a structural engineer do? A structural engineer makes buildings, houses that are seismic proof. We were the structial engineers to build a Earth Quake proof house for

Tony Stark. The project was about research and build our own Seismic proof house for Tony Stark and learn about EarthQuake resistance buildings. My desing was a tall building that has base isolators that absorb shock, tension ties, titanum pipe frames, frame holders. At real, I would use concrete, titanum, ruber to build isolators, wooden walls, wooden frame holders and metal pipes, titanum tension ties. But the model was made of clay isolators,

yarn tension ties, frames, popsicle stick walls, floors, and straw pipes, toothpick pipe holders. The main points I learned was to make a safer house for more severe Quakes, I should make a undestructible house like this in real life.

30 hands Project

I learned that the Earth had got polluted more than I thought and We need to protect our planet from Polluting. I enjoyed learning new facts about the Atmosphere and the pollution.
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Invention Convention Project

I had created a invention that collects water from the air and exports to drought areas. It does not need fossile fuel, air polluting, Earth Polluting fuel at all. It makes it's energy by it's own by Solar energy and Wind energy. Beyond the Non-Polluting Water collector!

The most serious inviroment problem I thought was Fossile fuel burned down and polluting air for making electricity. I also thought people need water at Africa. So I made this invention to solve both problems.