Kanebridge Golf Course and Pro Shop

Nick Davis, Avante Cox, Quinton Boxman, Zach Reichen

Six Business Activities

1. Generating ideas: We own a golf course and sell golf clubs, balls, hats, etc.. It took us 5 years to develop our business, we had to place trees in places where we wanted them, had to buy golf carts.

2. Raising Capital: It is our own money because our dad is a billionaire from Manhattan

3. Employee & Training:To work behind the cash register you could 15+. To drive the golf carts you have to be 16+. In order to rack the balls you have to be 17+. We recruit younger High school kids that need jobs. They have to have a grade of a C or higher to work here. You don't need much training to work here.

4. Buying Goods & Services: We will get a sponsorship from Callaway golf and use all of their products.

5. Marketing Goods & Services: We will have commercials and flyers throughout stores advertising Kanebirdge Golf Course. We have our own twitter page and other social media, website.

6. Maintaining Business Records: We will use a system of spreadsheets to record all of our finances and our consumers.

Business Entity

We are creating a Partnership. The advantages for this business entity is multiple people can split the work and get things done quicker. Another advantage would be the ability to put multiple minds together to create one common goal. A few disadvantages are goals may differentiate and tension with could be caused from the stress of the job.

Business Goals

  1. Produce a popular golf spot for the surrounding areas.

  2. Break back even within the first 6 months in business.

  3. Generate 750,000 dollars of revenue in the first year a business.

  4. Have enough money to give back to the community.

  5. Expand into other areas.

Mission Statement

To create extraordinary guest and member experiences by delivering superior service, amenities and playing surfaces.


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