The Grand Canyon

By Ashley

West Tours

Grand Canyon West is home to the Sky-walk. You can go on Motor-coach, Airplane, and Helicopter Tours. Day tours include everything from 1 1/2 hour air tours, to helicopter and airplane landing tours, and all day motor-coach tours. You have the option to include the Sky-walk in the tours.
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South Rim Tours - Scenic Canyon River Adventure

The Canyon River Adventure is the number one tour in Northern Arizona that combines 3 tours into one. You will get to see the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Glen Canyon and Antelope Canyon. It will take you to the bottom of the Canyon and you can fly over Grand Canyon, then take a drive to Antelope Canyon and float down the Colorado River through Glen Canyon.
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Grand Canyon East - Half Day Raft Trips

Adults (12+): $85+$6 River Use Fee; Children (under 12): $75+$6 River Use Fee.

The trip begins on the two mile long Glen Canyon Dam access tunnel to the base of Glen Canyon Dam. Once there, you board the raft and go down the Colorado River. Half way through your trip, you will go into a side canyon where you’ll see a wall of hieroglyphs. These pictures were etched into the canyon walls hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago by the one of the area’s first inhabitants, the Ancestral Pueblo-ans.

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Annual Flooding of Grand Canyon

  • November 11-13 of 2014 was the third annual flooding of the Grand Canyon through the Colorado River.
  • Flooding started in 2012 making this the third. The water that disappears from Lake Powell ends up in Lake Mead with a gain of 2.5 feet.
  • The reason for flooding is in hopes of rebuilding beaches on the Colorado River. Those on White Water Tours will be able to spend the night on those beaches.
  • Flooding will also help the endangered humpback chub.
  • Another benefit of flooding is to help the fishing of the trout and the preservation of archaeological sites along the river.

Navajo Bridges

  • The Navajo Bridge is located on the Navajo land northeast of the Grand Canyon that we call the East Rim.
  • The Colorado River flows through Marble Canyon underneath the twin Navajo Bridges.
  • If you drive through South Rim to North Rim it is a 4.5 hour trip unless you stop to see the Navajo Bridge Twins.
  • The Bridges were finished and opened in January of 1929. They used to be called the Grand Canyon Bridge and was built to make it easier to cross the Colorado River. The first bridge was used for walking and the second for vehicle traffic.
  • They are over 900 feet from rim to rim and 470 feet from the Colorado River beneath it.
  • There are the Balanced Rocks near Lee’s Ferry and a house built into a rock near Cliff Dwellers.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

  • It is the world’s tallest natural bridge with a span of 278 feet and a height of 309 feet.
  • The National Monument is open all year long and is fee-free, however, you must pay a fee to enter Glen Canyon National Recreation Area if you choose to view it from the water, and you must pay for a permit if you want to hike there.
  • Can participate in the Rainbow Bridge Air Tour. This is one of a few ways to see Rainbow Bridge.
  • You can also take one of two long hikes in from Navajo Mountain but need a permit from the Navajo Tribe (Navajos consider Navajo Mountain a sacred area, and ascending it is forbidden).
  • When water levels are high enough you can take the tour as a half-day experience, otherwise it'll take a whole day for the boat tour to Rainbow Bridge.
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Hotels & Lodging

South Rim Hotels & Lodging

Tusayan is a city 7 miles from the Grand Canyon people book hotel rooms at if they are staying more than a day at Grand Canyon.

Valle is another city 22 miles away people stay at. Home to Planes of Fame Air Museum.

Williams is 60 miles away. Home to the Grand Canyon Railway.

Flagstaff is one the the largest cities is AZ 80 miles from South Rim Grand Canyon. Over 60 hotels to choose from.

West Rim Hotels & Lodging

Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels are 120 miles from Grand Canyon West & Skywalk. Strip Casinos Resorts is famous for thier many hotel room deals. There are 270 hotels here.

Kingman, AZ Hotels are 70 miles from Grand Canyon (1 1/2 hours from the Skywalk). About 85 hotels.

West Cabins is near the Hualapai Ranch. During your stay you can ride horseback, cowboy entertainment, wagon-rides, and during campfires they have storytelling.

East Rim Hotels & Lodging

Cameron Trading Post, AZ is 57 miles to the South Rim. This city used to be a trading post for the Navajo and Hopi. It grew to be a city for tourists to stay in the loges with restaurants and stores.

Tuba City is 87 miles to the South Rim. Located in the Painted Desert. This city was home to the dinosaurs & you can even see their footprints preserved in rocks.

Page, AZ is 133 miles from South Rim & 153 to North Rim. This city has part of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

Marble Canyon is 128 miles from South Rim & 84 miles to North Rim. Has Marble Canyon, Colorado River, Navajo Bridge, and Lee's Ferry. River rafting is available at Lee's Ferry.

North Rim Hotels & Lodging

Grand Canyon Lodge & Cabins are rustic, very western, and comfortable. Some have gas fireplaces. Provides saloon, restaurant, store, and gift shop.

Kaibab Lodge, AZ is 18 miles to North Rim. The city provides western-like lodges & cabins.

Jacob Lake, AZ is 44 miles to North Rim. Has the Jacob Lake Inn.

Kanab, UT is 81 miles to North Rim. Surrounded by national parks & monuments: Zion’s, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante, Monument Valley and of course, the Grand Canyon. Over 69 hotels in the city.

Page, AZ

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