November 17, 2017

Working together with families in a partnership of teachers, staff and community members to provide an individualized learning environment that fosters high achievement in core and elective areas; preparing students for life-long success.

The business office closure

November 20th - 24th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We will re-open on Monday November 27th at 9:00 am.

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NO Crosspoint Classes

There will be NO classes at Crosspoint that are taught by our certified teachers or vendors Monday November 20th through Thursday November 23rd.

Attention!!!! OnTrack schedule changes


NO OnTrack sessions will be held at Crosspoint on Monday, November 20th and Wednesday November 22nd. We are adding ONE OnTrack session during this week because we have had so many disruptions to our Friday schedule. OnTrack WILL be held on TUESDAY, November 21st from 12 to 4 pm. at the FPCS office.

There will be NO OnTrack on Friday November 24th.



FOR Dec. Friday 1st and Friday Dec. 8th

Time : 9:30am-4:00pm

Location: Stellar School 2508 Blueberry Road - 4-minute drive down Fireweed from FPCS. In the Multi-Purpose room.

The last day for OnTrack for the 1st semester is on Friday, December 15th. If your student is going to continue to attend OnTrack 2nd semester please be sure to allocate it in your student's OLS packet.

Please check our website under About Us/OnTrack for the regular schedule.

Questions, please contact:

Kay Alley 830-2833 alley_armenta@asdk12.org

Elbertha Anker 248-4270 anker_elbertha@asdk12.org

Michelle Oliveri-Barton 382-7898 oliveri-barton_michel@asdk12.org

Map to Stellar 2508 Blueberry Road

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Map Testing November 27th - December 8th Contact your sponsor teacher to reserve a spot

MAP testing is about to start up for our second session.

Map testing overflow parking

During MAP testing, we know that parking may be tricky. Our generous neighbors across the street, including Dog Tire Doggie Daycare and Journey Home, have graciously allowed us to use some of their parking spaces during MAP testing sessions. Please see the diagrams below to know which parking spots are available. Thank you for your attention and cooperation to this matter as we try and streamline our testing procedures.

Emergency School Closures

As winter approaches, if you aren't sure if there is a school closure due to bad weather please check the following:

This applies to all small group classes taught. If your student attends a small group class taught by a vendor, please contact the vendor directly.

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3 things you found out

2 interesting things

1 question you still have


3 differences between __________

2 effects of __________ on __________

1question you still have about the topic


3 important facts

2 interesting ideas

1 insight about yourself as a learner


3 key words

2 new ideas

1 thought to think about


Write 3 questions about the text (unfamiliar words, confusing passages or ideas)

Write 2 predictions based on the text

Make one connection based on the text

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November 17, 1800

Congress moved to Washington from Philadelphia, convening in the newly completed north wing of the unfinished Capitol.

November 19, 1863

President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address during ceremonies dedicating 17 acres of the Gettysburg Battlefield as a National Cemetery. Famed orator Edward Everett of Massachusetts preceded Lincoln and spoke for two hours. Lincoln then delivered his address in less than two minutes. Although many in attendance were at first unimpressed, Lincoln's words have come to symbolize the definition of democracy itself.
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Scholarships available for seniors pursuing an engineering degree Application Deadline January 19, 2018 click link below for the application.

National History Day's 2018 Normandy Institute Seeking Applicants

High school sophomores and juniors passionate about World War II history can apply to National History Day's 2018 Normandy Institute. Along with an educator, students will travel to Normandy, France and participate in exciting primary source resource - all expenses paid. Applications must be received by midnight on Monday, Nov. 27. All applicants must be available to participate in the institute from June 16-28, 2018.


The George S. & Stella M.Knight Essay Contest submissions due by 12/31/17 - click link below

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Fall Floral Field Trip to Cedar's Flower Wholesale

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 21st

Time: 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. (shoot for 2:20 p.m. so you aren't late)

Locataion: Anchorage Flower Wholesale - 6151 B Street, Anchorage AK 99516

(off C Street between 64th and Potter)

Sign up to attend a field trip to create a beautiful fall centerpiece and explore the variety of jobs that are related to the floral industry. Select and share flowers with other students to create a floral centerpiece to take home. Bring a large vase or two small vases to fill.

Sign up on the OLS under your Art or Science course. Requisition the field trip under "retail vendor" and the words "Field Trip" for this learning activity led by ASD teacher, Happy Chronister.

The fee will be $20 for supplies. If you don't have an art or science course or are out of FPCS funds, you can pay using private funds.

Contact Happy Chronister by text at 240-7244 to let her know you will attend.

National Junior Honor Society

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Reimbursement Deadline

Deadline for 1st semester expenses/receipts dated: June 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017

All request for the 1st semester are due in to the Fireweed office by 4:00 p.m.


Superintendent: Dr. Deena Bishop (742-4312)

Board President: Tam Agosti-Gisler‌‌ (742-1101 ext. 4)