Martin News 1/16/15

NO SCHOOL Monday 1/19/15

Martin Luther King, Jr. presentation at the all-school assembly

Martin's Big Words
The class read Martin's Big Words and wrote acrostic poems that were presented to the school at the assembly. Ask your child about the words that were chosen and the importance of those words related to Dr. King and his dream. Below is a link to the bookFLIX of the book and an autobiography of Dr. King that can be shared at home. There are also online activities that may be of interest.

Project Lead The Way

The first module of Project Lead The Way (PLTW) began last week and covers science topics for 2nd grade. Students have studied the phase changes of matter and thermodynamics. Ask your child to describe the different phases to you using an example such as water. Experiments were conducted to learn about conductors and insulators. Ask your child to define each term for you. We will begin the Engineering portion of this unit next week with students building a product to solve the problem of ice pops melting on a hot day at a soccer game. Ask your child about the problem that Suzi, Angelina and Mylo are having.

Over the weekend allow your child to collect a few items to bring into school for the building portion of this project. Nothing needs to be purchased and 1 or 2 items will give students a personal investment in the project.

Counting with coins

Students practiced calculating the change from the purchase of fruit, vegetables and snacks. If you have spare change around ask your child to find different ways to make amounts under $1. Also continue to ask about how much change is required if you are out shopping. Students have only practice finding change for totals under $1.

iPads - How we are using them?

iPads were integrated into our word study this week. Students learned how to access and complete assignments in Showbie. This will allow for students to work in small groups or individually during our reading block. We will also use Showbie in other content areas later.
Important Dates
  • 1/19 No School Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed
  • 1/22 NWEA Math
  • 1/26 No School for Students, teacher professional development