Skylar Diggins

WNBA Female basketball player

Introduction / Facts

Skylar Diggins was born August 2, 1990. She is 5'9 and 145 lbs. She is on the basketball team Tulsa Shock #4. Skylar was born in South Bend, Indiana . Diggins missed the rest of the 2010 season when she was punched in her guts and her right anterior cruciate ligament was torn. She and all her fans were super bumed.

Skylar's uh-oh

When she had torn her ligament she was so upset that she couldn't play for the rest of the season. It was hard time for her and her team . The team suffered because you need the whole team. She finally got through it and her ligament healed up and was good enough for her to play it. She was also cut from the world Champion ship team and she still didn't give up on her.

Pictures Of Skylar

Impacts to the world

A Change

In 2011 , Skylar diggins was cut from the world championship team. She was devastated. She could have gave up on Basketball and her career. She showed her fans that you showed never give up on what you believe in and dream in. You should always try again no matter what knocks you down. Just like how she didn't let her injury stop her.


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