The Science of Six Flags

By: Jordyn Robinson

Summer Fun

Summer Fun Paragraph

In mid July I went to Six Flags with my parents, my brother and sister, and my aunt and uncle. We went to Hurricane Harbor and the dry part at Six Flags. My family and I drove to my aunt and uncle's house for the weekend and on Saturday we drove to Six Flags. It was my first time going to Hurricane Harbor but I have been to the dry part. I went on the Tornado ride which is kind of like a giant funnel. I went on the Tornado with my aunt and uncle. My family and I also went swimming in the regular pool and the lazy river. Then when we were done at Hurricane Harbor we walked to the dry part. When we got to the dry part we waited in line for the Dark Knight roller coaster but when we were half way through the line they announced that they were having technical difficulties so we left the line and went on some other rides. After that we started getting hungry so we left.

Look At Me

Big image
This is a picture of two people on the Tornado ride at Six Flags.
Big image
Some people riding the Dark Knight roller coaster at Six Flags.

The Science of it

My first connection to science is gravity. The roller coasters use gravity when they go down and the roller coasters counteract gravity when they go up. My second connection to science is electricity. Roller coasters use electricity to run the thing in the middle of the rails to push the roller coaster in order to keep it up to speed then the gravitational force keeps it going.

I Wonder....

1. I wonder how much electricity they use to keep all the roller coasters going throughout one whole day?

2. I wonder how fast you go down at the steepest drop on the Superman roller coaster?

3. I wonder how many g's the Wizard roller coaster travels at?

4. I wonder how fast the roller coaster at its largest drop goes at Six Flags?

5. I wonder how much the cars on the Dark Knight roller coaster weigh?

6. I wonder how often they test the roller coasters to make sure that they are working properly?


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