Learning styles

What is your learning style?


What does it mean? That you like talking to large groups of people.

Characteristics- Often speaks of what they have written

enjoys writing,loves word games,likes to use fancy words, notices grammatical mistakes.

How does this person learn best - they learn best by reading.


What does this mean? You are attracted to logic and reasoning.

characteristics- Can easily do math in their head, good at strategy games, looks for rational explanation,enjoys science experiments.

How does this person learn best- They learn best by logic.


what does this mean?- it means that they love movement

Characteristics- Would rather touch than just look,Well-coordinated with good motor skills.

How does this person learn best- movement and experimentation.


What does this mean- it means that you are artistic.

Characteristics- good at drawing,good with directions,good at solving visual puzzles,enjoyed geometry in school,notices colors and shapes,enjoys photography.

How does this person learn best- through drawings.


What does this mean- They appreciate rhythm and composition.

characteristics- have good rhythm,notice and enjoy different sounds, can tell when a note is off key.

How does this person learn best- by playing instruments.


What does this mean- That you are social

Characteristics- social,liked to play sports, present, share reviews.

How does this person learn best- By collaborating with other people, presentations, speaking.


what does this mean- Intra-within,Personal-belonging.

characteristics- indépendant,self aware,prefers working alone,likes learning about self,enjoys journaling,intuitive.

how does this person learn best- motivation,goals,figuring out there own feelings.


What does this mean- ability to recognize cultural artifacts like cars or trains.

characteristics- playing with pets,gardening, investigating nature.

how does this person learn best- access to nature, interacting with animals.