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Delta Sigma Phi at ISU

The Delta Sigma Phi, Epsilon Omega Chapter is one of the finest fraternities at Illinois State University. Our chapter prides itself on having one of the most diverse groups of members, as well as being highly active in social events, philanthropy events, and having a high academic performance on campus. Our fraternity participates in a lot of school events as well, because not only do we like to be social, but we also like to show our support to other Greek fraternities and sororities as well as to Illinois State.

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Delta Sigma Phi is more than just a group of friends, we are brothers. As brothers, we have fun together but also are always there to support each other as a family does. If you initiate in to Delta Sigma Phi you are considered a brother for life, and you will always be a part of our family.

As stated before, our fraternity is based off the belief that diversity should be accepted into our culture, which is what makes us such a unique and interesting fraternity. We like to have people from all different backgrounds and beliefs because we believe that it not only influences ourselves to try new and exciting things but to better ourselves into becoming better men. This is what makes our brotherhood so strong at Delta Sigma Phi.


Delta Sigma Phi strives to give back to our community. In addition to hosting and participating in many different philanthropy events throughout the year, the proceeds of which go to charities. Brothers also get involved in local and nationwide service projects such as Habitat for Humanity and Alternative Spring Break. If you want to help the community and the nation, let Delta Sigma Phi help you.

At Delta Sigma Phi we have a national charity that we give all of our proceeds to and that is the American Red Cross. This year we raised over one thousand dollars at our philanthropy event "This Is How We Roll", where a wide variety of sororities and fraternities showed their support for our cause.

Not only do we care about our own philanthropy, we also care about other Greeks philanthropies as well. Events that we have participated in the past consist of Chi Omega's March Madness, all Greek dance competition, Alpha Delta Pi's Love Struck date auction, Phi Sigma Sigma's Covered In Colors, and Alpha Delta Gamma's Let Them Eat Cake.
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The main reason why you are coming to college is because you want a higher education and we encourage that at Delta Sigma Phi. Besides having a great social life and having a great brotherhood we strive to achieve a higher standard of education. To implement this higher standard we encourage study groups and tutor sessions through the chapter to achieve those goals. But as everyone knows, some classes are harder than others, and for those who are struggling making the GPA cut, we work with brothers to help them to succeed academically.

Fall Rush

Coming to Illinois State as a freshman or a transfer student, we know that it is quite a change from what you might be used to. What we also know is that the first few weeks here at Illinois State are going to be some of the greatest times you will experience as a college student. That is why we want to invite you to rush Delta Sigma Phi to make that experience one of the greatest times you will have here at Illinois State. There are essentially two parts of rush, the unofficial and the official. During unofficial rush we highly encourage you to come by some of the events we will be hosting that will give you the perfect opportunity to meet other incoming freshman and transfer students as well as brothers of our chapter. These events will extend throughout the first month of school leading up to the official rush week hosted by the Inter Fraternity Council.

During the official rush week, you will be given the opportunity to go about campus and visit other fraternities. Again, we highly encourage you to rush Delta Sigma Phi. When you attend rush week you will be invited to events that will give you a greater look at what our fraternity is about while grasping the information about what it means to be a part of one of the greatest communities here at Illinois State. We truly wish for you to “Go Greek”, but we want you to rush Delta Sigma Phi.

When you rush Delta Sigma Phi, we will show you all of the information the goes into joining Delta Sigma Phi. The weeks leading up to official rush week we highly encourage you to come hang out and get to know the brothers of our fine chapter so we can show you that joining Delta Sigma Phi will be one of many great decisions you will make while at Illinois State.

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Meet Our Rush Chair

If you have any questions or comments about fall rush feel free to contact our rush chairman Eric Burger.

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Formal Fall Rush Week

Sunday, Sep. 8th 2013 at 12pm to Friday, Sep. 13th 2013 at 3pm

711 Kingsley St

Normal, IL

Come out and visit Delta Sigma Phi during formal rush week so you get the chance to meet one of the finest fraternities at Illinois State University!