The Bogan Tempest


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On a cold ranning winnter night we had just got some mc donalds and now were being chassed by cops after ferdinand said i know we should not of done that burn out in the ar park, Ferdinand says the only way to get away from the cops is to go to the back water city of claymore were the cops dare not to enter with out riot police, as the black van speed throught claymore they suddently stop, spinning out of control when they see a todler standing in the middle of the road. Ferdinand gets out of the van leaving King Alonso the rival drug lord to Prospero, Anthonio brother to Prospero and King Alonso's assistant, Ferdinand the driver and KIng Alonso's son, Stephano a hitman and lucky last Trinclo. As Ferdinand approaches the todler, when the tolder scares the crap out of Ferdinand by jumping ad turning around, Ferdinand says oh its just a midget and starts laughing, the midget says " YOU BETER GET OUT OF CLAYMORE BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENS ( CPREEPY VOICE)". Out of no wear a big long tall bus swerves around the midget and crashes the black van knocking it of the cliff, as the black van was falling of the cliff as that was happenig the people in thet black van were falling out of the black van into the river below being spread around claymore sprngs.

Ferdinand sees Maranda down in the springs, he rushes to her rescue, when Ariel the meth wizzard says go after her. Ferdinand falls in love with Maranda. The midgets name was prospero he declares and he is standding on a hill with his magical drug powers getting the meth wizzard to scare the crap out of The Rival drug lord, Caliban asks Stephano and Trincalo to kill prosper the rival gang and drug lord. Ariel finds the two and asks the where are you two going, Trincalo riplies plz dont shank me take him, Ariel says follow me and then takes the both to the bus. Alonso sees the Ferdinand is safe and is holding miranda in his arms and they are in love with each other. Stephano and trincalo have arrived at the site to find that the black vasn is fixed and Prospero , Alonso and Anthonio have put thier past behind them to make something better. The black van is fixed and every thing is fixed includding the maccas.