MCW Staff Newsletter

September 19-23

Notes from Celina

  • Thank you for being so welcoming to South Putnam schools! We will have another round of visitors coming from Central Elementary October 25th 8:00-11:30!
  • Planned Observations: you send me an email with date a time you would prefer and I will send a follow up calendar invite.

5th Grade and Beth: October 17-21

4th Grade and Kathy: October 24-27 (I'm out on 28th)

3rd Grade and Andrea: October 31-November 4

2nd Grade and Sue: November 7-11

1st and Kindergarten: November 14-17 (I'm out on 18th)

Kristen, Deke, Lindsay, and Allie: November 28- Dec 2

  • SLO's are due by October 7th (if you need a time extension please send me an email)...don't forget to begin this process in PIVOT. SLO process will be the same as last year...if you have additional questions we can talk at our grade level meetings on Monday.
  • Home Learning Document: I believe changes have been made per an email from Madisen. Please read the document and if you have questions concerns please don't hesitate to ask!
  • Mock Home Learning date: November 29th! HERE are the expectations for us but as we learn more this could change. I'm sending this early because I have staff asking what will this day look like! *Remember this is a working document :)
  • Science Day September 30th (Potato Digging)







Day by Day

Monday, September 19th

  • PD: 8:00AM; Team Collaboration

  • 8:00AM: Safe Halloween Meeting

  • 4:00: Elementary Tech Cadre

  • Subs: 0

Tuesday, September 20th

  • PD: 8:00AM; RTI (in Beth/Deke's room)

  • 8:00AM: ACR (in Conference room)

  • 1:00: Celina Meeting

  • Subs: 1

All Day: Sara Gauck; Carrie Smith

Wednesday, September 21st

  • PD: 8:00am; Team Collaboration

  • 8:00-11:30ish: Celina out @ASC

  • Subs: 1

PM: Holly Burns; Aubrey Bridges

Thursday, September 22nd

  • PD: 8:00am; Technology Thursday

    • More information coming...

  • Subs: 1

PM: Stacey Shields; Lori Bassett

Friday, September 23rd

  • PD: 8:00am; Team Collaboration

  • 4th Grade: Field Trip

  • Subs: 0

Use the link to see the presentation our Kindness Matters Club presented to our School Board!

Upcoming Events

September 19th: Tech Cadre

September 21st: Administration Meeting Celina out until 11:30ish

September 23rd: 4th Grade Field Trip

September 26th-30th: College GO Week

*Door/Hallway Decorating

*Jeans week with college shirt ($5/social fund)

September 30th: End of 1st 9 weeks

September 30th: Science Day (Potato Digging)

October 4th: Late P/T night

October 5th: School Board Meeting 7:00pm

October 7th: West Best Convocation

(1:30-2:15; K-2, 2:30-3:15; 3-5)

October 25th: Home Learning Parent Night @6:30

October 10th-14th: Fall Break (Part 1)

October 19th: Celina out 8-11:30ish @ASC

October 25th: South Putnam visitors 8-11:30

October 25th: Home Learning Parent Night

October 27th: Safe Halloween Trick or Treat 6:30-8:00 @CHS

October 31st: Halloween Parties

Halloween Parade will begin at 2:00!

Parties will begin at 2:15!

November 3rd: Grandparents Day 2:30pm-3:30pm

*Due to Mrs. Bernhardt being out we will not have a program. More details will be sent home.

November 8th: Veteran's Program 6:30pm (4th Grade)

November 9th: School Board Meeting 7:00pm

November 11th: Fall Festival

November 16th: Celina out 8-11:30ish @ASC

November 18th: Celina out (Conference)

November 21st-25th: Fall Break (Part 2)