Mrs. Collins' 5th Grade News

May 16 - 20

SLE of the Week

Through Grace a St. Basil Student is an effective communicator who uses well developed oral, written and listening skills.

Hi 5th Grade Parents,

We're getting so close to the end of the year! Time is flying by and we have a busy couple of weeks coming up! Check out the activities below and the dates that are important!


Aspire Testing

We will be completing the Aspire tests over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure that your children get enough rest and a good breakfast. We will also be having less homework than normal because I want to cut the students a little slack.

I know that some students will get nervous about these tests, but there is a point that I want to make abundantly clear to them, and I know that you will help me with this as you have cared for them far longer than I have. These tests cannot assess the unique ways that your children learn and grow. These tests tell us a little something of what make up the child that you have nurtured and God has created, but they don't tell us everything.

These tests don't tell us how smart your children are. They simply tell us a little about what they understand and what they don't understand. It is a tool to help pinpoint where areas of strength and growth are so that we can know best how to support and challenge your children.

If you would like to help, I have made a "Test Mantra" that will hopefully help give the students confidence and remind them that they are smart and talented, each in their own unique, God given way.

I will BEAT this test!

This test will NOT beat me!

This test will COWER at my POWER!

This test will NOT be a scary dilemma, but a cornucopia of TALENT!

It's a fun thing to say right before the test, and we will! It is so important to take these opportunities to remind them how special they are. While it is important for them to do their best on these assessments, it is also important that they not get anxious about the results. If they are doing their best, they have passed. :)

PLAY BALL! May 18th All School Field Trip!

It's almost time for the A's Game!! If you have any questions, please contact the office! We're all looking forward to a fun time!

Field Day

The Student Council has graciously agreed to organize and plan our Field Day! More information will be forthcoming as we make more plans! We're looking forward to a fun day!

Students should wear P.E. Shorts, P.E. shoes, and their Spirit Shirts! Also, don't forget the sunscreen and a full water bottle!

The date is the afternoon of Friday, May 27th!

Important Dates

Wednesday, May 18th: A's Baseball Game 3rd-8th grades

Friday, May 20th: Mass @ 8:30 am 7th Grade Hosting ~ Minimum Day

Tuesday, May 24th: 1:45 p.m. - Faculty/Parent Vs. 8th Grade Basketball Game! (Girls Basketball Rally)

** Are you a parent interested in playing? Contact Mrs. Palo at

Friday, May 27th: Field Day in the Afternoon ~ Popsicle Sale (To Be Announced) - proceeds to the Respect for Life group.

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