Legal Vs. Illegal Aliens

What is the difference? How are they the same?

Legal Aliens

-A Legal Alien is a non-citizen who is legally permitted to remain in a country. This is a very broad category which includes tourists, guest workers, legal permanent residents and student resident aliens. Legal aliens are not a threat to citizens in the United States, they can work, eat and sleep just like any other American.


Illegal Aliens

  • An illegal alien is a non-citizen who is present in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. This could be because they overstayed their welcome or they slipped through the border undetected. People like this can be a threat to US citizens, as they have broken the rules multiple times already, so they probably have a mischievous mind set and can cause chaos.

Comparison Between Legal and Illegal Aliens

Both legal and illegal aliens are non-citizens of the United States. What differentiates the two are their rights to live in the United States, as well as their behavior and threat to US citizens.