Elizabeth Osondu for Governor

Briana, Ryan, Madison, and Elizabeth

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Vote for Elizabeth

Your republican candidate.

Main issues: Education, healthcare, and economic development

Our Goals

-support small businesses

- help our healthcare to become better and more affordable

- help Texans get insured

-create more jobs in Texas

-improving the cost of living

-support nursing and try to fix the shortage of nurses in hospitals

-better our public transportation systems

-crack down on border control

-finish construction

-create more tourist attractions to improve our economy

-fight Obama care

-protect 2nd amendment

-increase transparency in government

-voter id laws

-safeguard texas consumers

-defend 10th amendment

-stop human trafficking

- increasing protection for children from predators

-fight abortion

-fight for Texas Womens' Health Program

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White alone percent - 80.6%

Black or African American alone, percent- 12.3%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent- 1.0%

Asian alone percent- 4.2%

Hispanic or Latino percent- 38.2%

Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone, percent,- 0.1%

Two or more races percent - 38.2%

White alone not Hispanic or Latino percent- 44.5%

Election results for Rick Perry

2002 - 58%



How we will appeal to our Demographics

White demographics- crack down on border control, increase transparency in government, decent 10th amendment, fight Obama Care, increase jobs in Texas, protect 2nd amendment

African American demographics- increase jobs in texas, better public tranportaion, increase transparency in government

Hispanic or Latino demographics- finish construction, better public transparency in government, increase jobs in texas

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Why Elizabeth wants to be Governor

Elizabeth is running for Governor because she loves Texas — not just for how good it is, but for how great it can be. The opportunities that Texas made available to Elizabeth made the difference in her life. Elizabeth knows that every Texan deserves those same opportunities to do better. She’ll fight every day to ensure that Texas remains a state where hard work and determination are rewarded and everybody has the chance to succeed.