Computer Hardware

By Joe Wakefield


A drive is a part of your computer that you put all of your disks in,it will store all of you data when it can still also send digital data to be stored.

An optical drive is a bit differant to the normal drive because this drive can get infomation off the disk unlike the normal drive.

A solid state drive is a lot smaller then all of the other drives because you can not use a disk,to put infomation in you need a memory stick,or over the web.


A monitor is an output that you use to display what you are doing on your computer.


CPU stands for cental processing unit, and acts like the brain of the computer.


RAM stands for ramdom-acccess memory,and it is mainly used to speed up your computer,you plug it in at the back of your computer,it also lets you store data from CD's,DVD'S.


ROM stands for read only memory and it is used for and it is a class of storage