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Hello Black Bear Family!

Austin Middle School has definitely had a month of Excellence! We are so proud of each of our students and their sponsors. Please continue to encourage your child to be active in our school community. As each student travels through Austin Middle School, we would love for their footprint left with us! Your children are amazing! Their efforts in ALL areas make Austin Middle School a Wonderful place to be educated!

Have a great day!

Mrs. Anita A. Clarke

AMS Annual Miss Sweatheart Pageant...

If you would like for your daughter to participate in the Annual AMS Miss Sweetheart Pageant, please have her sign up with Coach Burks as soon as possible. We are looking forward to selecting AMS' " 2020 Miss Sweetheart."

AMS Miss Sweetheart Pageant

Sunday, February 9


Congratulations to our Future City Winners! Team Aurora City won the "Best Use of Land Surveying" Award!

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Congratulations to our AMS Robotics Penguins Team for Winning the "Teamwork" Award at the Alabama State Championship!

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Geography Bee Winners!

Austin Middle School National Geo Bee 2020 Champ is Ethan Kohute. The second place winner is Ansley McMeans and in third place was Dash Dixon.
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AMS 7th Grade Boys Basketball Champs!

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AMS 7th Girls Basketball Tournament Runner-ups!

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Revised DCS "Anti-Vaping" Policy

Parents please take a moment and review the revised Anti-Vaping Policy. Vaping has become a major concern across the nation, namely for our children. AMS held Class Meetings to discuss this revised policy January 7. Each student was given a letter to bring home for your viewing and discussion. The letter emphasizes the serious health risks of vaping and the consequences that will be enforced if your child has possession of or uses a vapor at school.

Revised "Anti-Vaping" New Policy reads as follows:

Decatur City Schools notified students and families at the beginning of the 2019-20 year that we considered "vaping" to be a serious health concern and stronger repercussions would be implemented for students found vaping. During the first semester, students found in possession of or using a vaping device were assigned to in-school suspension (ISS). However, that punishment did not seem to deter many of our students who elected to engage in this harmful practice. After a discussion with students, parents, and administrators, it was recommended that discipline for vaping offenses include an assignment to our Center of Alternatives to Suspension (CAS). Therefore, beginning in January of 2020, DCS Administration will be assigning CAS to those students found using or in possession of vaping devices.

Again, as being reported in the news, vaping is causing serious health issues around our nation. We do not wish to see any of students negatively impacted by either direct exposure or second hand exposure to these products. Please help us and discuss the dangers of vaping and the consequences of vaping at school with your student.

Thank you for your support!

Calendar of Events...

February 3-4 - 5th Grade Visits

February 4 - Curriculum Fair for Incoming 6th graders @ 6pm

February 5-7 - Scantron Testing (ELA)

February 7 - Progress Reports distributed

February 9 - Miss Sweetheart Pageant @ 3pm

February 9 - Dolphin Island Parent Meeting @ 5:30pm

February 11 - 14 - Scantron Testing (MA)

February 14 - Winter Dance (3-5pm)

February 17 - No School

February 23 - National Honor Society Induction (More Information to come)

February 26 - Attorney General Safe Schools Award



February 6 - @ AHS @ 5:30pm

February 7 - AMS @ DMS @ 4:30pm

February 11 - AMS vs. West Morgan @ AHS @ 4:30pm

February 13 - AMS vs. Florence @ AHS @ 4:30pm

February 20- AMS @ Monrovia Middle @ 4:30pm

February 25 - AMS vs. Monrovia Middle @ 4:30pm

Million Word Readers Monthly Lunch....21 and Counting!

Austin Middle School

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