Welcome to Nicaragua!

By: Lydia Hatfield PD1

Capital, Major cities, and History

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. Some major cities of Nicaragua are León, Masaya, Tipitapa, Chinandega. Nicaragua was once controlled by Panama and it gained independence in 1821.

Language and Flag

The official language for Nicaragua is Spanish. The flag for Nicaragua has 2 blue horizontal stripes and 1 white stripe in the center. In the center of this flag there is a triangle shape and inside of that there is water representing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Geographical Information

Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and Costa Rica to the south. Some physical features are Lake Mangua, Lake Nicaragua, and the Cordillera Isabella.

Political & Economic Information

The type of government that nicaragua has is Republic and the leader is Daniel Ortega. The currency is Nicaraguan Córdoba. The economic system is Dominican Republic.

Tourist Information

People should visit Nicaragua because it has lots of historical events but many beautiful volcanoes, tropical rainforests, and very laidback atmosphere. I definently think that tourists should go to Corn Islands to go snorkeling or scuba diving and also vistit Masaya Volcanp and go hiking.