GCCS Newsletter

September 2015

Always Begin With a Prayer

Father Nicholas Ayo C.S.C.

Lord God, whose love is our forgiveness, teach us that forgiveness is not about you changing hearts but about us changing from having a rock-hard heart to a human heart. Jesus on the cross said what we too should say of everyone who offends us: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Let us love the sinner but hate the sin. Love recognizes that loved people love people and only hurt people hurt people. Help us to comprehend your fatherly love that is your merciful forgiveness. Amen.

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year

We are in full swing with all of our students back at school. I always feel our buildings look better with the faces of our students. Of course, I must be honest and say there are times during the year I yearn for a moment of the mid-June quietness.

As a way to communicate with each of you, I will send a newsletter with information I hope you will find useful. I will also share what is happening in terms of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment across GCCS. The goal is to provide support and encouragement throughout the year.

If you have ideas or would like me to include something in a newsletter, please be sure to let me know.

Here is my contact information:

Kasey Cronin

235-1812 (work #)


As you may recall, I plan on spending two days a month in your building. You can always reach me during that time as well.

Wishing you a blessed school year.

THANK you for your commitment to Catholic education!

The Secret to Success? Watch this video!

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

Aspire ACT Results

What did we learn from our spring Aspire/ACT assessment results? We are strong in English, doing well in Science, moving in Math, and need work in Reading and especially Writing. Was this a surprise to you? It is important to remember that these results are benchmarks.

Next steps will include reviewing the data more closely to find ways to improve. As you may know, the Aspire and ACT assess the College and Career standards. The standards and expectations are set high. You can find an increased rigor in all areas, especially in writing. Students are expected to read and comprehend informational text at a deeper level. After 3rd grade most reading in the classroom should be non-fiction using close and critical strategies. In terms of writing, the standards require teaching units of study on opinion/argument, information/research, and narrative. The good news? We know what the end should look like. We will get there by working together. You can begin by reviewing some of the resources below.

Writing and Reading MAISA Units

Follow this link for access to units of study developed by Michigan educators. They will provide you with an idea of the format and rigor of instruction needed for the Aspire/ACT. DO NOT feel you need to begin using the units now. This is a work in progress. I am sharing them for you to review.
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Coming to a School Near You!

Here is my schedule!

Week of Sept. 21

Monday: Holy Rosary

Tuesday: Holy Family

Wednesday: St. John Fenton

Thursday: St. Robert

Week of Sept. 28

Monday: St. Mary

Tuesday: St. John Vianney

Wednesday: St. Pius

Thursday: PCHS (Note: I am hoping to focus on 9th grade for a while in order to notice what skills teachers are expecting their students to have mastered)

My goal is to observe and learn what is happening in our buildings. I will be focusing on students and their skills, the textbooks, materials, etc... IF you need some assistance while I am in your room or building, do not hesitate to ask! Remember, I am here to serve you.