San Miguel Bulletin

May 2nd-6th ****Please Read Carefully****

Lesson Planning and Lesson Designing

What is the difference?

How do the "what" (content) and the "how" (lesson activities) go hand in hand?

The learning experience (movement, manipulations, visuals, auditory components, collaboration, technologies, etc) are what make the content engaging and relative to students. All of those design experiences (how) must be planned with the content (what) so that it all flows and makes sense for the learners. The article below is a great kick start to that reflection process. I encourage you to read it and reflect on your planning and designing.

Weekly Schedule - Happy San Miguel Staff Appreciation Week!

The National PTA has again designated the first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week! What a wonderful way to show our admiration and gratitude to those that teach our children every day!

5/2 Monday

4th Grade CAASPP ELA Day 1

Kinder Registration Continues- 2016-2017 School Year

Time Sheets to Tonya

3rd, 5th District Writing Test (4th Next Week)

5th Grade Science Test

7:30 ISP BOP Data Review

8:00 -8:30 Parent Meeting

1:00 ELA CAASPP PT Activity 4th Grade

2:20 After School Intervention

2:00 Parent Meeting 6th Grader

3:00 DO Meeting (Heidi)

Recess Schedule: New for CAASPP Testing

9:30-9:50 am Kinder on Preschool /Kinder playground

9:55-10:10 am 1st grade on Preschool/Kinder playground

10:00 am-10:15 am 2nd-4th Big Playground

10:20 am -10:35 am 5th-6th Big Playground


8:30 Sether CoTA

10:00 Kuhen CoTA

11:40 Alianelli CoTA

5/3 National Teacher Appreciation Day Happy Birthday Stefanie Suzuki!!!!

4th Grade CAASPP ELA Day 2

PAC -NO PAC Send PAC Items to Heidi per Email

7:20 KW IEP

Ballet (8:30-10:30) Cafeteria

10:00 PB IEP

11:00 CM IEP

12:00 TLJ Parent Meeting

1:00 DR IEP

2:20 Glee Club

2:20 SST ZM

3:00 DR IEP

4:00 GITC- Art Studio

5/4 Wednesday-

4th Grade CAASPP Math Day 1

Collaboration Schedule- See Link

8:00-3:00 pm Heidi Off Campus District Training

9:30 CoTA Pike

11:40 CoTA Giles

1:00 CoTA Sedano

2:30 Staff Meeting- Happy Teacher Appreciation Day- No Agenda, No Meeting

ACE Award Winner Names to Tonya

5/5 Thursday

4th Grade CAASPP Math Day 2

9:00 Behavioral Meeting

10:30 Journey Community Church -SM Staff Appreciation

11:20 CoTA- Gallardo

11:30 Photo Voice Debrief Meeting

12:30 CoTA-Crews

2:20 After School Intervention

3:30 District Management Team Meeting, 3:30-6:00pm

5/6 Friday

8:00-10:30 Social Worker Meeting- Edna off campus

8:00 Kinder/1st Field Trip

9:15 CoTA Meetings- Art Room

11:30 TOSA Meeting

12:30 -5:00 PM Heidi Off Campus- @DO Meeting

2:20 GLEE Club

2:00-5:00 pm Cultural Fair Set Up

5:00 pm Cultural Fair @SM

BEST Behavior Expectations- Review Topic of the Week: Playground


Suggested Teaching Strategies/Activities
· Role Playing
· Think-Pair-Share
· Sentence Frames
· T Chart: Appropriate/Not Appropriate
· Looks Like/Sounds Like Chart
· Group/Individual Posters showing acceptable behaviors
· Process Charts for Different Areas

· Invite Others to Play

· Follow the Safety Rules

· Share the Equipment

· Care for the Environment

2015-2016 Complete Calendar:

**Restorative Topics- Restorative Practices Goal: 2 Community Circles a Week!

Community Circles Topics and Ideas

Relating to Curriculum:

· The best/worst thing about this science project is…

· The main character in the book we are reading is like/not like me when…

· These math problems make me feel…

***Assessments and Pacing Guide, Instructional Expectations***

Instructional Expectations:

  • LAN School open on Teacher Desk Top, 3rd-6th grade, each day, whenever a student is on the computer. Students need to know that their computer usage and time on task is being monitored at all times.
  • Second Step Lessons, weekly lessons taught and follow through with daily behavior, see Second Step program, scope and sequence. If assistance is needed, please see Edna Murillo, ASAP.
  • Community Circles at least 2 weekly, topics provided in weekly bulletin.
  • Reviewing BEST Behavior Expectations as presented in the bulletin, review expectations with students, using lesson activity ideas as presented in bulletin and yearly scope and sequence.

Writing 3rd-5th -Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing Task C

Read Works, Learn Zillion

Week of May 2nd, LGSD Prompt #1 to Measure Growth

CAASPP SM Site Schedule

Blue Inspect for K-2 ONLY

May 23rd- June 1st

SM Music Listening

Music Listening Week 30 - V drive.

Arts Attack

To try it out go to the link, below, choose ACCOUNT from the TOP DROP DOWN Menu and select LOGIN.

Login = sanmiguel050

Password = create4013

May/June Calendars

MAY 9-14th

Classified Appreciation Week

CAASPP 5th Grade


  • 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Intervention
  • SSC
  • 3rd-5th Informational Writing Begins


  • IEP Day
  • Stelzer Park Ranger Visit 3rd Grade
  • GLEE Choir
  • SSTs SM, JM
  • GITC
  • LGSD Board Meeting
  • COTA
  • Collaboration Day
  • 3rd Grade Stelzer Park Field Trip
  • Staff Meeting
  • COTA
  • 504 CP
  • Intervention
  • LAST DAY to PURCHASE in 15-16 School Year
  • Heidi Off Campus ALL DAY @DO
  • SST 11:00 am
  • BSP 2:20 pm
  • Glee Club
  • Above and Beyond Due
  • IEP ET
  • 6th Grade CAASPP
  • Intervention
  • SST ER


  • PAC
  • Ballet
  • 1/2 day IEP
  • 4th Grade WaterShed Visits
  • Glee Choir
  • 3:30 District Safety Committee Meeting
  • 5:00-7:00 Employee Recognition Meeting
  • Collaboration
  • COTA
  • Staff Meeting- Wrap Up CoTA Meeting -Presentation of Projects in Art Studio
  • PTA Council Meeting 6:00 pm @DO


  • FF Phone Conference
  • Intervention
  • Instructional Leadership @DO


  • May Revise- Heidi Off Campus in Ontario, CA
  • Power Play -UCSD @7:30-8:00 am
  • 4th grade Field Trip to WaterShed
  • COTA Meetings
  • Fire Drill (Sara and Summer in charge of Drill)
  • Glee Club
  • Chuck-E-Cheese Night (Grossmont Center)
22nd- Sunday
  • Ballet Performance at Balboa Park 3:00 Performance


  • Blue Summative Inspect Math &ELA Tests K-2nd and 5th (Math Only)
  • Writing K-2 Post Test Week for Writing
  • Heidi and Summer Off Campus- NCUST Visits
  • COTA
  • Afterschool Intervention


  • PAC
  • Blue Summative Inspect Math &ELA Tests K-2nd and 5th (Math Only)
  • NCUST Symposium/E3- Teacher Effectiveness- Heidi and Summer Off Campus
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip- Zoo
  • GLEE Choir
  • Principal's and Superintendents Meeting 3:30-5:00 pm
  • LGSD Board Meeting, 6:00 Celebrating Student Success LGA- M Auditorium


  • Collaboration
  • Blue Summative Inspect Math &ELA Tests K-2nd and 5th (Math Only)
  • E3- Heidi Off Campus
  • 4th (2 classes) Grade Field Trip to Water Shed
  • Open House Original Night


  • Blue Summative Inspect Math &ELA Tests K-2nd and 5th (Math Only)
  • Principal's and Superintendents Meeting
  • Intervention
  • Open House??


  • ACE Assembly and Above and Beyond Luncheon
  • 4th ( 1 class) Grade Field Trip to Water Shed
  • Playground Partners Lunch Celebration
  • Lemon Grove History Essays Due to Helen by 4:00 pm
  • Last GLEE Club Meeting
  • EDP Variety Show


  • Memorial Day - No School


  • DELAC Meeting
  • SST AC
  • SST MN
  • LCAP and DBA @DO


  • Data Analysis Staff Meeting
  • Collaboration
  • Winter Olympics K-3
  • 2nd Time Sheets due to Tonya
  • LGTA Rep Meeting
  • Bingo for Books (PTA Sponsored) 6:00 pm
  • Winter Olympics 4th-6th
  • 2nd Grade- Field Trip to Berry Street Park


  • PTA Leadership Conference
  • Safety Patrol Trip to Aquatica
  • 3rd Grade Play 8:30 am
  • 3rd Grade Picnic


  • 5th Grade Picnic
  • LGSD Board Meeting


  • Last Day of School
  • 8:30 6th Grade Promotion
  • 12:55 Dismissal

Last Day-Teachers

Sign Ups for Classroom Check Outs


PD Day -10 teachers from each site will be invited

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