Megillat Ruth

9JS 2017

Your essay must include:

• introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion.

• each body paragraph must include least 1 quote as evidence.

• cite each source in brackets after each quote with chapter and verse, e.g. (M.R.1:4).

• use TEEL structure in each of your body paragraphs.

The essay must be a minimum of 450 words.

Choose ONE of the following topics.

1. Responsibility and chessed?

What’s the difference between chessed and responsibility? How are these depicted in Megillat Ruth?

2. Character Study

Who is the bravest character in the Megilla? Explain their dilemmas and their choices.

3. Why was Megillat Ruth written?

In your response, provide the explanations and evidence for at least two answers to this question based on traditional and critical readings of the text.
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4. Redemption

In what ways is Megillat Ruth a book about personal and national redemption?

5. How does Megillat Ruth challenge the way Jews views foreigners?

In your response, provide evidence for how the biblical Israelites viewed the ancient Moabites and how Megillat Ruth explores the idea of being foreign.

6. Shavuot

Discuss the relevance of reading Megillat Ruth on Shavuot. In what ways does the text link to the festival of Shavuot?

Use sources from the text together with your extended learning to elaborate on this topic.