United Kingdom

United Kingdom only has four types of regions.England,Scottland,Wales,and North Ireland.Over250years,inventors and scientists sparked the Industrial Revolution.Today,theUnited Kingdom is still a major industrial and trading country.Manufactured goods and maching are the leadingexports.


What covers the northern landscape of Germany!North European.What is the capital city!Berlin.Name two major rivers in Germany.The Danube River,& The Rhine River.Germany is a global economic power & a leader in the European Union.One of the world's most important industrial centers is called the industrial,which has rich deposits.It is an Democracy.


Russia's Government type is an Democracy.It has a Parliament,and only has two types of houses.They are The Federation Council,and The Stat Duma.Thier leadership has a Prime Minister and a President,but the President is the most powerful in Russia.So the role of Citizens said that only they had to vote @ the age of 18 for Parliament.